Dragon Force

If you were looking for the move with the name Dragon Pulse, see Dragon Pulse (move).
The Dragon Force

The Dragon Force (Japanese: 竜脈 Dragon Pulse) is a powerful and invisible energy that surges throughout the Pokémon world. It was featured in White—Victini and Zekrom and Black—Victini and Reshiram.

If used wisely, the Dragon Force can create an environment where humans and Pokémon alike can live in harmony. If used wrongly, the Dragon Force becomes a destructive and violent energy that threatens to destroy the planet and all that live on it. It was controlled by the Sword of the Vale in the past before being used as a seal on the corrupted energy.


The corrupted Dragon Force

The Dragon Force is introduced in a storybook read by Mannes. He explains how the Dragon Force was used by the People of the Vale to cultivate their land and bring the people and Pokémon together in peace and prosperity. However, the twin sons of the King of the People of the Vale began fighting and started a war. Once the war was over, the two brothers realized that their fighting caused the Dragon Force to go wild and it began destroying everything.

Seeing the destruction the Dragon Force caused, the King used the power of Victini to move the Sword of the Vale to the location that would eventually become Eindoak Town. This managed to keep the Dragon Force under control, but the King died from exhaustion soon after and accidentally left Victini trapped inside of the Sword of the Vale's barrier.

Years later, Damon, in his attempt to restore the land his people once lived in, took control of the Sword of the Vale and attempted to move it back to its previous location. With the plug keeping the Dragon Force in control taken out, it began to go wild once more. Regretting his actions, Damon, with the help of Ash and Victini, managed to stop the Dragon Force by absorbing it into the Sword of the Vale and then redirecting its power into space.

In other languages

Language Title
  Finnish Lohikäärmevoima
  French Énergie Draconique
  German Drachenenergie
  Italian Dragoforza
  Polish Moc Smoka
  Spanish Energía del dragón
  Swedish Drakkraft

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