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If you were looking for the area in Pokémon Picross, see Pokémon Picross Stages.
Area 28
エリア28 Area 28
Area 28.png
Area 28
Region Unova
Debut A UFO for Elgyem!

Area 28 (Japanese: エリア28 Area 28) is an anime-exclusive location in the Unova region. It exists along Route 4 and is notorious for UFO sightings.

Professor Icarus lived there after he quit his job as a university professor in order to work on ways to manipulate dark matter. It was also where he encountered Elgyem, a Pokémon considered to be extraterrestrial.

Area 28 is largely desert, with one diner and Professor Icarus's laboratory the main points of interest.

Pokémon seen in Area 28


  • Area 28's name is a spoof of Area 51, which is often the subject of UFO speculation. Its setting is also based on the real world location.

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