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Windy Station
風の駅 Wind Station
Windy Station.png
Windy Station
Region Unova
Debut Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice

Windy Station (Japanese: 風の駅 Wind Station) is an anime-exclusive location in Unova. It is one of the settings of Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice.

It is a station on the train line to Roshan City, and the train stops here for exactly three minutes. Travelers can rush out to buy Darumaka boxed lunches, Oran Ice, and other goods to enjoy from Malin's stall. Other than the several buildings on its platform, the station appears to be isolated.

While Ash and his friends were on their way to Roshan City, they made use of the three-minute-long stop to buy a large supply of the Darumaka boxed lunches.

Pokémon seen in Windy Station

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