Ambiga Town

Ambiga Town
トアルタウン Toaru Town
Ambiga Town.png
Ambiga Town
Region Unova
Debut The Clubsplosion Begins!

Ambiga Town (Japanese: トアルタウン Toaru Town) is an anime-exclusive location in the Unova region that is situated somewhere on Route 7, near Mistralton City. It is where the Clubsplosion tournament is hosted once a year.

After Stephan revealed his wish of entering the Clubsplosion to Ash, Iris, and Cilan in Climbing the Tower of Success!, they all decided to compete in the tournament. The gang arrived in Ambiga Town in the next episode. After Bianca bumped into Ash and Stephan, the five of them went to the stadium and signed up for the Clubsplosion. There, they met up with Burgundy, Georgia, and Trip, who were also competing in the tournament. Stephan also met his new rival, Montgomery, there.

Ambiga Town has a Pokémon Center where Ash, his friends, and their rivals stayed at and trained in-between the Clubsplosion rounds.

In other languages

Language Name Origin
Japanese トアルタウン Toaru Town Literally means "A certain town".
English Ambiga Town May be derived from "ambiguous".
French N'importe où Means "anywhere".
Italian Ambigopoli From its English name.
Spanish Pueblo Ambiguo May be derived from "ambiguous".
German Irgendwo City Irgendwo is German for "somewhere".
Korean 어느마을 Eoneu Ma-eul From 어느 eoneu, a certain.
Chinese (Mandarin) 某格鎮 Mǒugé Zhèn From 某個 mǒugè (a certain...) and 格鬥
Polish Ambiga From its English name.

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