Rainbow Valley

Rainbow Valley
虹の谷 Rainbow Valley
Rainbow Valley.png
Rainbow Valley
Region Unova
Debut Cottonee in Love!

Rainbow Valley (Japanese: Rainbow Valley) is an anime-exclusive location in the Unova region. It exists somewhere along Route 4.

Rainbow Valley is a place where Cottonee gather after finding their partner. They ride on what is known as the "Diamond Breeze" while holding "hands" in order to get there. The Diamond Breeze will only blow after a full moon. The mountain sides glitter in different colors because of the different minerals they are composed of.

In Cottonee in Love!, Ash and his friends had the chance to visit Rainbow Valley after helping a Cottonee win over a love interest. There, they said goodbye to their new friend.

Pokémon seen in Rainbow Valley


In other languages

Language Title
  Finnish Sateenkaarilaakso
  German Regenbogental
  Italian Valle dell'Arcobaleno
  Polish Tęczowa Dolina
  Brazilian Portuguese Vale Rainbow

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