Mewtwo Strikes Back! (manga)

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(Japanese: ミュウツーの逆襲 Mewtwo's Counterattack) is the manga adaptation of the movie of the same name. The manga was written by Toshihiro Ono.

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The manga adaptation of Mewtwo Strikes Back! has only ever been published in the July 1998 issue of Gekkan CoroCoro Comic and collected in the CoroCoro movie guidebook.




Differences between the anime and the manga

  • In an interview with Animerica magazine, Toshihiro Ono revealed he was instructed to include Mewtwo's origin story in the manga adaptation. Since Ono only had the movie's script to work with (the original theatrical version of the movie was released approximately two months after he had begun work on the manga, with the prologue not being written before the main series hiatus and subsequent episode delays caused by the EP038 incident) and the radio drama The Birth of Mewtwo had not been created yet, Ono created his own original explanation of Mewtwo's origin.
  • Mewtwo and Dr. Fuji have a closer relationship than they do in the film, with Mewtwo considering Fuji like a father.
  • Mewtwo physically talks, using its mouth, instead of through telepathy.
  • Dr. Fuji's motivations are different than in the movie. In the manga, he is motivated to clone Mew out of a desire for revenge against an institute he was expelled from.
  • Dr. Fuji meets Mew face-to-face and befriends it, leading to his acquiring one of its eyelashes. It later leaves him when he becomes consumed by his work.
  • Dr. Fuji attempts to catch Mew using a Master Ball in the manga. No Master Ball is featured at any point in the movie.
  • Giovanni's ultimate plan is to have Dr. Fuji mass produce Mewtwo and create an army of mindless living weapons. Fuji begs Mewtwo to destroy the laboratory to prevent this and it does so, causing Fuji's death.
  • During Ash's battle with Raymond, the match between Ash's Squirtle and Raymond's Machamp doesn't occur in the manga. Also, Pikachu faces off against a different trio of Raymond's Pokémon team, defeating a Machamp instead of a Pinsir.
  • Instead of sending out invitations to Trainers it selected, Mewtwo hosts a tournament called the "CoroCoro Cup" at the Pokémon Dome and challenges its winner to a battle. After defeating him, it challenges the Trainers in attendance to visit it on New Island in a week's time.
  • Officer Jenny isn't featured in the manga, while in the anime, she is seen trying to uphold the peace at Old Shore Wharf alongside Miranda.
  • Ash and his friends leave Old Shore Wharf on their Pokémon, whereas in the anime, Team Rocket initially offers them a lift to their destination before they capsize and are forced to swim using their Pokémon.
  • Several different Trainers are featured among the many trying to reach New Island, including a girl riding her Tentacool, a male Trainer on a Lapras, another male on a Dewgong, and another Trainer with a Poliwhirl.

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