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Grand Masters Legendary Moltres Deck Legendary Zapdos Deck Legendary Articuno Deck Legendary Dragonite Deck
Ronald I'm Ronald Deck Powerful Ronald Deck Invincible Ronald Deck Legendary Ronald Deck
Other Strange Lifeform Imakuni? Deck Fire & Lightning Deck Water & Fighting Deck Grass & Psychic Deck
These ten spaces in this table have a mind of their own. Every time you look at it the Pokémon on it disappear, replaced with new faces... and I have nothing to do with it... One can only wonder why...
176.png 484.png 049.png 047.png 221.png 058.png 131.png 113.png 015.png 070.png
Palkia Venomoth Parasect Piloswine Growlithe Lapras Chansey Beedrill Weepinbell

TO-DO: Pokémon XD walkthrough sections 4-8, finish Trainer Profiles, Key Item List, and Shop Sales. This is on hiatus, but I do plan to get it finished eventually.

TO-DO: Four more tables here. Find a way to insert typetable and typetable2 into Kdex and Sdex (if unprotected) automatically. Work on this guy's subpage and that guy's subpage. Restart and actually get into my FireRed game.

TO-DO: Party tables for Tabitha, Mack, Courtney, Maxie, Matt, Shelly, Amber, Roxanne, Brawly, Wattson, Flannery, Norman, Winona, Tate and Liza, Juan, Bruno, Agatha, Lance, Will, Karen, Falkner, Bugsy, Whitney, Morty, Chuck, Pryce, Clair, Miror B., Dakim, Venus, Ein, Nascour, Mayor Es Cade, Greevil, Ardos, Eldes, Gorigan, Lovrina, Snattle, various other XD/Colosseum characters, Frontier Brains, Cheryl, Mira, Riley, Buck, Marley, Jupiter, Gideon, Carrie, Joe, Kruger (missing Pokés), Sashay (missing Pokés), Dusty, Marina (missing Pokés), Rosie (missing Pokés), Taylor, Terrell (missing Pokés), Voldon (missing Pokés)


Me and Pokés

When I was little I watched Kanto/Orange/Johto in the anime and collected quite a few cards in the TCG. That's it. I hate the anime now. I don't see how some of you still do at your age. I saw the first seven movies, I own the first four (the actual four that were in theaters because they had quality).

I've always been fascinated by Legendaries, when I was little I got Ruby, had it deleted twice halfway through, finally beat the Elite Four with some help. I got Sapphire which my sister claimed for her own, but it doesn't matter, because I got Emerald, which was awesome, and FireRed (which I never really got into, I migrated my starter into Diamond. Two years ago I rented Colosseum which I loved. Two years ago I got Mystery Dungeon Blue which I loved.

Yeah, my obsession died down after that. It sparked back up when I got some money for DS games and saw Diamond. I thought: Hey, what the heck. I collected many, many, many, many, many Pokés, but even after all that I wasn't able to catch em all. Now, a month ago, on my birthday, I got XD (after my Colosseum walkthrough my Orre fascination was revived and I just had to get this game, catching all 83 Shadows in just two weeks, then ranting about a good game's replay value and putting it in my drawer to get dusty. I also got, with a bunch of other things, Mystery Dungeon Darkness, which I love.

Plans for the future? While I've lost interest in actually playing the games right now, I think it's time to restart my FireRed (no reason to keep going, Pal Parked six of the only seven Pokes I caught and with two badges) with a Bulbasaur.

My joining of this Wiki started a long time ago. I was "Lord Gligar", but it got deleted (or my memory goofed up and it never happened) so now that I'm not a preteen anymore I made a simple account "Gligar", not realizing that two days after making the name I would lose interest in The Gliganator.

But yeah, like someone else I know, I keep my Bulbapedia and Pokémon stuff away for the public. Of course, my internet-stalker eventually finds me everywhere, but that's besides the point.

Game List: Ruby, Sapphire (sister's), Emerald, FireRed, Colosseum (rented but finished), XD, Diamond, Mystery Dungeon Blue, Mystery Dungeon Darkness

Movie List: 1-2-3-4 owned, 5-6-7 seen, 9+ not seen and I don't plan to

Diamond Pokémon

If you have any questions about any of these, don't hesitate to ask about it on my talk page. A trade is a push, because I'm not exactly 100% willing to get rid of any of these. I own all 35 Legendary Pokémon and all 28 Unown variations.

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