Legendary Moltres Deck (TCG)

The Legendary Moltres Deck (Japanese: でんせつのファイヤーデッキ Legendary Fire Deck) is a Theme Deck from Pokémon Card GB for the Game Boy Color. It is one of Decks available from the Auto Deck Machine only after the player has beaten the four Grand Masters twice. It predominantly focuses on Fire type Pokémon. The only person who plays with this deck is Courtney, the first of the four Grand Masters.

The deck strategy seems to be based on powerful attacks and opponent annoyance. Courtney uses Pokémon Trader to find mostly her Moltres. With the Firegiver Pokémon Power, Moltres brings 1-4 Fire Energy cards to her hand when it's placed on the Bench. She has Pokémon that can annoy with status ailments like Magmar and Vulpix. Energy Removal helps prevent enemy attacks, and Lass thwarts Trainer Card based strategies. She also retrieves many of her discarded Fire Energy cards with Energy Retrieval and Super Energy Retrieval.

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Bill T  
Lass T  
Pokémon Trader T  
Energy Retrieval T  
Super Energy Retrieval T
Energy Removal T  
Switch T  
Potion T  
Super Potion T  
25× Fire Energy   E

In other languages

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Language Title
  Japanese でんせつのファイアーデッキ でんせつのファイヤーデッキ
  German Legendäres Lavados
  Italian Mazzo Moltres Leggendario
  Spanish Mazo Moltres Legendario

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