Auto Deck Machine

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An Auto Deck Machine (Japanese: オートデッキマシン Auto Deck Machine) is a machine that contains predefined lists for certain card decks.

This is similar to the Deck Save Machine, where the player can save customized decks.


Pokémon Trading Card Game

There are 9 Auto Deck Machines found at the east room of the Mason Laboratory, only one of which is operational from the beginning of the game. The remaining 8 require the player to defeat Club Masters to obtain Master Medals that can be used to activate them.

There is also a Legendary Auto Deck Machine found at the end of the game, in the Hall of Honor at the Pokémon Dome, which is accessible after the player defeats the four Grand Masters and the Champion. If the player wants to use this machine, they will need to do it before leaving the room or getting the prize card (which displays the credits and causes the player to leave automatically), or else the Hall of Honor will be locked again until the next time the player defeats the Grand Masters and Champion.

Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!

There is an Auto Deck Machine at the east room of the Mason Laboratory, which is operational from the beginning of the game.

Deck status

The deck status is identical in the Auto Deck Machine and the Deck Save Machine.

Status Pokémon Trading Card Game Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR!
The player has all the cards required and they are not in any other decks. The symbol is displayed near the deck. No symbol appears.
This deck may be completely built.
One or more required cards are in other decks. The symbol is displayed near the deck.
The quantity of cards in other decks is unknown. The quantity of cards in other decks is displayed near the ※ symbol.
There is no way to see which cards exactly are in other decks. The game displays a list of cards in other decks.
The game offers to automatically dismantle any other decks with the needed cards.
The deck may not be built if the needed cards are kept in other decks. The deck may be built with replacement cards.
The player does not have one or more cards required for this deck. The symbol × is shown near the deck, with the quantity of cards missing.
The game displays a list of the required cards that the player does not have.
This deck is unable to be built. This deck may be built with replacement cards.
The deck has both issues above simultaneously.
(the player doesn't have some cards, while other cards are in other decks)
The lack of cards takes precedence, so the cards in other decks are ignored. Both issues are addressed simultaneously.
The game displays the × symbol with the number of missing cards. The game displays both the symbol with the number cards in other decks and the × symbol with the number of missing cards.
The game displays a list of missing cards. The game separately displays a list of cards in other decks and a list of missing cards.
This deck is unable to be built. The game offers to dismantle any decks containing required cards. This deck may be built with replacement cards.


English Japanese Notes
Build a deck デッキをつくる Builds a deck based on a predefined configuration from the Auto Deck Machine.
Read the instructions せつめいをみる See a list of all cards in the deck, which is also accessible by pressing Start.
Cancel やめる

List of machines

Machine* Deck In-game description
Auto Machine Charmander & Friends Deck A Fire, Grass and Water deck: Charmander, Pinsir and Seel
Squirtle & Friends Deck A Water, Fire, and Lightning deck: Squirtle, Charmander and Pikachu
Bulbasaur & Friends Deck A Grass, Lightning and Psychic deck: Bulbasaur, Pikachu and Abra
Psychic Machamp Deck Machamp, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan Gengar and Alakazam are furious!
Water Beetle Deck An evolution deck with Weedle, Nidoran♀ and Bellsprout.
Grass Machine Insect Collection Deck A deck made of insect Pokémon. Go Bug power!
Jungle Deck A deck of Grass Pokémon: There are many dangers in the jungle.
Flower Garden Deck A deck of flower Pokémon: beautiful but dangerous
Kaleidoscope Deck Uses Venomoth's Pokémon Power to change the opponent's Weakness.
Flower Power Deck A powerful Big Eggsplosion and Energy Transfer combo!
Science Machine Lovely Nidoran Deck Uses Nidoqueen's Boyfriends to cause great damage to the opponent.
Science Corps Deck The march of the Science Corps! Attack with the power of science!
Flyin' Pokémon Deck Pokémon with feathers flock together! Retreating is easy!
Poison Deck A deck that uses poison to slowly Knock Out the opponent.
Wonders of Science Deck Block Pokémon Powers with Muk and attack with Mewtwo!
Fire Machine Replace 'Em All Deck A deck that shuffles the opponent's cards
Chari-Saur Deck Attack with Charizard - with just a few Fire Energy cards!
Traffic Light Deck Pokémon that can attack with Fire, Water or Lightning Energy!
Fire Pokémon Deck With Fire Pokémon like Charizard, Rapidash and Magmar, it's hot!
Fire Charge Deck Desperate attacks damage your opponent and you!
Water Machine Blue Water Deck A deck of Water Pokémon: Their blue horror washes over enemies.
On the Beach Deck A well balanced deck of Sandshrew and Water Pokémon!
Paralyze! Deck Paralyze the opponen't Pokémon: Stop 'em and drop 'em!
Energy Removal Deck Uses Whirlpool and Hyper Beam to remove opponents' Energy cards.
Rain Dancer Deck Use Rain Dance to attach Water Energy for powerful attacks!
Lightning Machine Cute Pokémon Deck A deck of cute Pokémon such as Pikachu and Eevee.
Pokémon Flute Deck Use the Pokémon Flute to revive opponents' Pokémon and attack!
Yellow Flash Deck A deck of Pokémon that use Lightning Energy to zap opponents.
Electric Shock Deck A deck which shocks and paralyzes opponents with its attacks.
Zapping Selfdestruct Deck Selfdestruct causes great damage - even to the opponent's Bench.
Psychic Machine Psychic Power Deck Use the Psychic power of the Psychic Pokémon to attack!
Dream Eater Haunter Deck Use Haunter's Dream Eater to cause great damage!
Scavenging Slowbro Deck Continually draw Trainer cards from the Discard Pile!
Strange Power Deck Confuse opponents with mysterious power!
Strange Psyshock Deck Use Alakazam's Damage Swap to move Damage Counters!
Rock Machine Squeaking Mouse Deck A deck made of mouse Pokémon. Uses PlusPower to power up!
Great Quake Deck Uses Dugtrio's Earthquake to cause great damage.
Bone Attack Deck A deck of Cubone and Marowak - a call for help.
Excavation Deck A deck which creates Pokémon by evolving Mysterious Fossils.
Rock Crusher Deck A deck of Rock Pokémon. It's strong against Lightning Pokémon.
Fightning Machine All Fighting Pokémon Deck A deck of Fighting Pokémon: Feel their Fighting power!
Bench Attack Deck A deck of Pokémon that can attack the Bench.
Battle Contest Deck A deck which uses Fighting attacks such as Slash and Punch.
Heated Battle Deck A powerful deck with both Fire and Fighting Pokémon.
First-Strike Deck A deck for fast and furious attacks.
Legendary Machine Legendary Moltres Deck Gather Fire Energy with the Legendary Moltres!
Legendary Zapdos Deck Zap opponents with the Legendary Zapdos!
Legendary Articuno Deck Paralyze opponents with the Legendary Articuno!
Legendary Dragonite Deck Heal your Pokémon with the Legendary Dragonite!
Mysterious Pokémon Deck A very special deck made of very rare Pokémon Cards!

In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese オートデッキマシン
  French Machine a Decks Automatique
  German Auto-Deck-Maschine
  Italian Macchina Mazzi
  Spanish Máquina Automática de Mazos

See also

Required Master Medal
Start: Charmander & Friends DeckSquirtle & Friends DeckBulbasaur & Friends DeckPsychic Machamp DeckWater Beetle Deck
Grass Medal: Insect Collection DeckJungle DeckFlower Garden DeckKaleidoscope DeckFlower Power Deck
Science Medal: Lovely Nidoran DeckScience Corps DeckFlyin' Pokémon DeckPoison DeckWonders of Science Deck
Fire Medal: Replace 'Em All DeckChari-Saur DeckTraffic Light DeckFire Pokémon DeckFire Charge Deck
Water Medal: Blue Water DeckOn the Beach DeckParalyze! DeckEnergy Removal DeckRain Dancer Deck
Lightning Medal: Cute Pokémon DeckPokémon Flute DeckYellow Flash DeckElectric Shock DeckZapping Selfdestruct Deck
Psychic Medal: Psychic Power DeckDream Eater Haunter DeckScavenging Slowbro DeckStrange Power DeckStrange Psyshock Deck
Rock Medal: Squeaking Mouse DeckGreat Quake DeckBone Attack DeckExcavation DeckRock Crusher Deck
Fighting Medal: All Fighting Pokémon DeckBench Attack DeckBattle Contest DeckHeated Battle DeckFirst-Strike Deck
Grand Master: Legendary Moltres DeckLegendary Zapdos DeckLegendary Articuno DeckLegendary Dragonite DeckMysterious Pokémon Deck
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