Pokémon Red and Blue: Prima's Official Strategy Guide

Red and Blue: Prima's Official Strategy Guide
Prima Guide Red.png
ISBN: 0761518126
Published: October 14, 1998
Publisher: Prima Games
Author: Elizabeth Hollinger
Preceded By: N/A
Succeeded By: Pokémon Yellow: Prima's Official Strategy Guide

Red and Blue: Prima's Official Strategy Guide is a strategy guide for for Pokémon Red and Blue published by Prima Games. Two versions of the guide were made for these games. The first version was published on October 14, 1998, and it features Charizard on the cover; the second version was published on June 2, 1999, and features Blastoise on the cover. Each guide offered a complete breakdown of the Kanto region, including all cities, towns, routes and caves. Locations for all 150 Pokémon were provided, including their respective skills and statistics. A list of moves and all available TM and HM locations was also given, as well as where to find items, tips on how to beat the Gym Leaders, and maps of every location. Both guides cover the same content for both games.


Alternative cover for Blue Version (ISBN 0761522824)

Do You Have What it Takes to Become the World's Greatest Pokémon Trainer?

  • Complete breakdown of Pokémon Island, including all cities, towns, streets, and dungeons
  • Locations, statistics, and skills of all 150 Pokémon
  • Information on all Learned Skills, Technical Machines, and Hidden Machines
  • Whereabouts of all items
  • Tips for beating all eight Pokémon trainers
  • Maps of every location


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  • On page 1, Weedle and Kakuna are misspelled as Beedle and Kukuna.
  • On pages 16, 42, 45, 59 and 60, Flying-type Pokémon are called "Flight Pokemon".
  • On page 18, Gyarados is misspelled as Gyrados.
  • On pages 19, 32, 45, 47 and 53, Poison-type Pokémon are called "Poisonous Pokemon".
  • On page 25, Farfetch'd is formatted as FarFetch'd.
  • On pages 34 and 54, Fire-type Pokémon are called "Flame Pokemon".
  • On page 42, the book references "Super Balls". This may be a mistranslation of Great Balls.
  • On page 47, it is stated that Koga uses Poison and Psychic types. However, his team has zero Psychic type Pokémon.
  • On page 58, Moltres is called Moltos.
  • On page 59, Night Shade is incorrectly formatted as Nightshade.
  • On page 72, artwork of Grimer is used on Muk's info section instead of Muk's illustration.
  • On page 82, Selfdestruct is incorrectly formatted as Self Destruct.
  • On page 84, Parlyz Heal is incorrectly formatted as Paralyz Heal.
  • On page 85, the Elixer and Max Elixer are incorrectly formatted as Elixir and Max Elixir. As of Generation VI, this is no longer an error.

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