Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Pokédex

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Pokédex
Prima Official Strategy Guide DP Pokédex.png
ISBN: 9780761556350
Published: May 27, 2007
Publisher: Prima Games
Author: Lawrence Neves, Kristina Naudus, Cris Silvestri, Ian Levenstein
Preceded By: Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: Prima's Official Strategy Guide
Succeeded By: Pokémon Platinum: Prima's Official Strategy Guide

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Pokédex is a companion guidebook for Pokémon Diamond and Pearl published by Prima Games in May 2007.


  • Fully details all 482 + available Pokémon. Providing stats, levels, learned moves, and more.
  • Exclusive Poster - The Pokédex will include an exclusive poster for fans.
  • Strategy Included - In addition to complete information for each individual Pokémon, this guide will include strategy for keeping, collecting, and raising the creatures in your collection.


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This book is an expansion of the previous book. This guide has numerous Pokémon on the cover. The majority of the book is a Pokédex, but it also gives a guide of where to catch specific Pokémon after getting the National Pokédex, as well as covering the Battle Zone. A poster of all of the Pokémon known to the public (excluding Darkrai, Shaymin, and Arceus) is included in the book as a bonus.



  • On pages 82 and 83, it says to obtain Omanyte and Kabuto, their fossils need to be found in the Underpass instead of in the Underground.
    • In addition on pages 219 and 220 its says to obtain Cranidos and Shieldon, their fossils need to be found in Underpass instead of in the Underground.
  • On page 247, it says to obtain Magnezone the player needs to level up Magneton to level 30 in Mt. Coronet. However, there is no level requirement to evolve Magneton.
  • On page 269, Pokémon is spelled without the e-acute.
  • On page 283, Thunder Wave is spelled as Thunderwave.
  • On page 305, Poké Mart is spelled as Pokémart.
  • On page 421, Meditate is listed twice. The first says it has 20 PP and it raises the Special Attack and Defense stats by 1, while the second one is correct.
  • Page 435 lists the characteristics, but none of them match the names used in-game.
  • On page 437, the Poké Doll is called the Clefairy Doll.
  • On page 438, SilverPowder is spelled as Silverpowder, TwistedSpoon is spelled as Twisted Spoon, and Zoom Lens is spelled as Zoom Lense.
  • On page 440, Moomoo Milk is spelled as Moo Moo Milk, TwistedSpoon is spelled as Twisted Spoon, and NeverMeltIce is spelled as Nevermelt Ince and as Nevermelt Ice.

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