Pokémon Master Pokédex

Pokémon Yellow: Prima's Official Strategy Guide
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ISBN: 9780761534907
Published: January 2001
Publisher: Prima Games
Author: Elizabeth M. Hollinger and James M. Ratkos
Preceded By: Pokémon Gold and Silver: Prima's Official Strategy Guide
Succeeded By: Pokémon Crystal: Prima's Official Strategy Guide

Pokémon Master Pokédex: Prima's Official Strategy Guide is a companion guidebook for Pokémon Gold and Silver published by Prima Games in January 2001.


Get the most out of your Pokémon Gold & Silver versions with this essential companion guide from Prima–Pokémon Master PokéDex: Prima's Official Strategy Guide! You'll find tons of easy-to-find Pokémon stats and info inside, including Pokémon evolution, capturing, breeding, battling, plus advanced tips and tricks such as Link Cable trading, special evolutions, and a bonus section on Pokémon Pikachu 2! Become an expert Pokémon master with Prima!


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