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Pokémate (Japanese: ポケメ~ト Pokémate) is a mobile phone application in which players can catch Pokémon. The application allows players to send messages to other people on the user's friend list or chat with them. Players can select and capture Pokémon to keep in the storage feature of the application. They can also subscribe to the game in order to receive more Pokémates, Poké Balls, and other media.

Pokémate logo.png
Pokémate Japanese logo
Basic info
Platform: Mobile phone
Category: Virtual pet
Players: 2 players
Connectivity: Mobile phone
Developer: Square Enix[1]
Publisher: Square Enix[1]
Part of: Generation III miscellaneous
Release dates
Japan: June 5, 2006
North America: N/A
Australia: N/A
Europe: N/A
South Korea: N/A
Hong Kong: N/A
Taiwan: N/A
Japanese: Official Japanese site (archived)

Official Tokyo Game Show page

English: N/A

The game was only distributed in Japan; however, it was presented in the United States during the 2006 E3 summit. The service was discontinued in January 2008.



The messaging application allows the user to chat with up to 16 friends respectively, or send "Poketoku" voice mail to any other users. This is demonstrated by the player's Pokémon and other players' Pokémon coming in and chatting together. The "Hiroba" mail feature allows the player to send e-mails or messages to other users of the application. When messages are sent, they are marked with the player's name and the signature of their Pokémon.


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When the game is accessed for the first time, the player is given one random Pokémon and 10 Poké Balls to catch other Pokémon with. Without the monthly subscription, the player only has the ability to catch three Pokémon, all chosen at random. Pokémon do not level up or fight like in the core series; instead, they are meant to be taken care of, much like a virtual pet simulation. Pokémon caught in the game can be displayed as the player's avatar when chatting with other users.

Storage system

The game also features a storage application where Pokémon that have been captured are kept. The system works very similar to the Storage System and the Pokédex in the games. When a Pokémon is caught, it is automatically sent to the user's "room". Captured Pokémon can be viewed in a Pokédex entry. The storage area is also where the player designates their avatar.


  • This is the first official Pokémon mobile application.


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