Advanced Pico Beena

Advanced Pico Beena
アドバンスピコ・ビーナ Advanced PICO Beena
Advanced Pico Beena.jpg
The Advanced Pico Beena
Release dates
Japan: August 6, 2005
North America: N/A
Europe: N/A
Australia: N/A
South Korea: N/A
China: N/A
Hong Kong: N/A
Taiwan: N/A
Technical specs
Related information
Console generation: Sixth generation
Pokémon generations: III, IV, V
Console type: Home


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The Advanced Pico Beena (Japanese: アドバンスピコ・ビーナ Advanced PICO Beena) is an edutainment console developed by Sega Toys, and the successor to the Sega Pico. It has only been released in Japan.

Cartridges for the Advanced Pico Beena are called Storyware and are book shaped. Each time a player turns the page of the cartridge the screen changes to replicate the image in the book. The games are controlled by a stylus and buttons. Certain games' save files can be saved on an SD card.

Pokémon games

Title Genre Release
Pokémon Advanced Generation: Pokémon Number Battle! Edutainment October 1, 2005
Intellectual Training Drill Pokémon Diamond & Pearl:
Letter and Number Intelligence Game
Edutainment April 21, 2007
Pokémon Diamond & Pearl:
Search for Pokémon! Adventure in the Maze!
Edutainment September 17, 2009
Pokémon Best Wishes:
Intelligence Training Pokémon Big Sports Meet!
Edutainment December 4, 2010

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