Super Game Boy

Super Game Boy
スーパーゲームボーイ Super Game Boy
Super Game Boy SNES.png
The Super Game Boy (North American model)
Release dates
Japan: June 14, 1994
North America: June 1994
Europe: 1994
Australia: ?
South Korea: N/A
China: N/A
Hong Kong: N/A
Taiwan: N/A
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Console generation: Fourth generation
Pokémon generations: I, II
Console type: Accessory
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The Super Game Boy (Japanese: スーパーゲームボーイ Super Game Boy) is an accessory released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It plugs into the cartridge slot of the SNES. It is used to play Game Boy games on a TV set. It is succeeded by the Super Game Boy 2, the Nintendo 64's Transfer Pak and Nintendo GameCube's Game Boy Player, all of which are very similar in function.

The Super Game Boy can be used to play any cartridges for the original Game Boy and any black Game Boy Color cartridges. It cannot be used to play any Game Boy Color-exclusive games. Some Game Boy games included enhanced Super Game Boy features, allowing compatible games to be displayed in full color with a special border. Some games also had enhanced sound capabilities on the Super Game Boy. The Game Boy Player cannot activate any of these special enhancements.

The Super Game Boy allows users to change the general color palette, changing the overall appearance of the game. Players can choose from a set of default palette settings, including one that automatically boots with the game, or create custom settings. These changes only remain as long as the game is running and do not remain on either the Super Game Boy or the game if the SNES is turned off.

Pokémon games

Title Genre Release
Pokémon Red and Green Core series RPG 1996
Pokémon Blue Core series RPG 1996
Pokémon Red and Blue Core series RPG 1998
Pokémon Yellow Core series RPG 1998

Game Boy Color Pokémon games

Although designed for the Game Boy Color, these Pokémon games can also be played on the Game Boy, thus can also be played on the Super Game Boy. The Super Game Boy will not display the full color of Gold and Silver, it will merely apply a color palette as if it were a black and white original Game Boy game.

There is also an unused Super Game Boy border designed for Pokémon Crystal, despite the fact that it cannot be played on the Game Boy.

Title Genre Release
Pokémon Trading Card Game Card game 1998
Pokémon Pinball Pinball 1999
Pokémon Gold and Silver Core series RPG 1999


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Generation II



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