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PS520 : Cold Hard Truth
Black & White arc
PS522 : Homecoming
Triple Threat
ゼクロムVSレシラム II
Zekrom VS Reshiram II
VIZ Media mini-volume Adventure 63 in Vol. 19
Kurokawa mini-volume Ch. 63 in Vol. 9
Shogakukan full volume Ch. 521 in Vol. 51
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 61 in Vol. 9
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location N's Castle

Triple Threat (Japanese: ゼクロムVSレシラム II Zekrom VS Reshiram II or 真実 Truth) is the 521st chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


As Black is called on by his allies to face his true opponent, Black looks up at Reshiram and Zekrom, unsure of what he needs to do. On the ground, the Team Plasma Grunts begin declaring the start of their new era, while the evacuated spectators discuss among themselves which of the two dragons will be victorious. The Seven Sages observe this with distaste, remarking that the spectators have reduced the monumental battle between truth and ideal to mere entertainment, and Ghetsis reminds them that Team Plasma will be the ones to lead the people correctly. Choosing to overlook Zinzolin for his insubordination, Ghetsis leads the Seven Sages in a resistance against Black's allies.

Witnessing the fight from Brav, Black deploys his other Pokémon to help them out, reasoning that the fight with N will be a 1-on-1 battle between Reshiram and Zekrom. Despite climbing onto Reshiram, Black feels overwhelmed by the energy emanating from the Legendary Pokémon and the weight of the battle on his shoulders. N calmly warns Black that he'll be crushed if he can't hear Reshiram's voice, and affirms his observation after the dragons exchange a few blows. On the ground, Cedric Juniper tries to think of a way to get to Black and assist him, and is offered a ride by Looker in his International Police Drifblim balloon. The two men are joined by Leo as he volunteers to help out.

Riding Reshiram, Black continues to be plagued by doubt as to why Reshiram chose him. Cedric's group arrives, but their attacks are easily repelled by Zekrom and the balloon is knocked away. Black admits his inability to know what's in Reshiram's heart as Zekrom's tail begins to spin, letting it strike Black and Reshiram down with Fusion Bolt. Reshiram's tail begins heating up sharply in response, leading Cedric to have a breakthrough and ask Black for his Pokédex. With Brav ferrying the Pokédex over, Cedric inputs all his data on Reshiram and Zekrom for Black to refer to, informing Black on the Pokémon's types and their Overdrive Mode. Black realizes that Reshiram was waiting for him to get in touch with his "truth", just as Zekrom waited for N to get in touch with his "ideal": through his journey Black has been using the Pokédex and battles to bond with his team, and he doesn't need to know why Reshiram chose him, he simply needs to bond with Reshiram and fight head-on.

Stunned, N realizes that Black has finally heard Reshiram's voice as the two Pokémon fight it out. Black and Reshiram take another Fusion Bolt, but Black assures Reshiram that its own signature move, Fusion Flare, matches Zekrom's attack in strength and even gets a boost in power after Fusion Bolt is used. However, as N doesn't call out his attacks, Black acknowledges that timing will be crucial in launching the move. A lightning bolt begins forming in the sky, prompting Black to yell out the command, and Reshiram barely dodges the bolt while blasting Zekrom with fire. The blast sends Zekrom toppling back as Black mounts Reshiram with a smile, having fully connected with the Legendary Pokémon.

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  • In the VIZ mini-volume release, this chapter's title was The Power of Dreams.

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PS520 : Cold Hard Truth
Black & White arc
PS522 : Homecoming
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