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Cold Hard Truth
ゼクロムVSレシラム I
Zekrom VS Reshiram I
Chapter Black & White
Collected in Vol. 51
Round number 520
Location Pokémon League
N's Castle
Previous Round Something Suspicious
Next Round Triple Threat

Cold Hard Truth (Japanese: ゼクロムVSレシラム I Zekrom VS Reshiram I or 居城 Lord's Castle) is the 520th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


With Reshiram awakened, Black descends into the Pokémon League Stadium and confronts Zinzolin, having received the "all clear" from Kimi as the spectators have all been evacuated. Meanwhile, Brycen attempts to investigate a mysterious underground facility after losing contact with White, only to come across the kidnapped Hawes and the Seven Sages, including Ghetsis. Calmly, Zinzolin activates a button that deploys the Team Plasma Castle, causing the superstructure to rise up from the ground around the Pokémon League and the army of Team Plasma Grunts to start descending on the crowd of spectators.

Sensing Reshiram's awakening, N prepares to appear with Zekrom; Reshiram likewise detects its opposite and roars at the sky. The Seven Sages descend from the castle, dropping off Hawes in front of Black. Ghetsis declares Team Plasma's victory: N defeated the Pokémon League Champion, Alder, Team Plasma taken over the league, and cemented their ideals as superior to those of the Gym Leaders, who have been tied to crucifixes and put on display. Reshiram flies towards N, ready to confront its counterpart.

Angered at Team Plasma's actions, Marshal insists to his Elite Four comrades that now is the time to strike, but before they can get closer on Shauntal's Golurk, Hood Man appears and releases the Forces of Nature to battle the Elite Four. Grimsley declares that he's going after Hood Man and asks his allies to handle the Legendary Pokémon, as Hood Man muses to himself that he'll soon unlock the Pokémon's Therian Formes.

As his Pokémon stand off against the Seven Sages, Ghetsis mocks Black and the decision before him: will he save the Gym Leaders or confront Zekrom? As his Hydreigon fends off Black's Pokémon, Ghetsis assures Black that neither is an option for him: Reshiram has abandoned Black to fight Zekrom, Drayden and Iris are busy protecting the spectators from the Team Plasma Grunts, Alder is missing and the Elite Four are fighting the Forces of Nature, meaning nobody is left to take on Team Plasma.

However, a chorus of voices announce their intent to rescue the Gym Leaders, retorting that they have the capability because of their dreams and love for Pokémon. The voices are revealed to be the friends and allies Black made on his journey: Hiker Andy, Shoko, The Riches Trish, Janitor Geoff, Doctor Logan, Baker Chris, and Biker Jeremy, who have gathered to make an assault on Team Plasma.

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Translation edits

  • In the VIZ Media version, the scene where Team Plasma reveal the captured Gym Leaders is edited, with the Gym Leaders tied to poles instead of crosses.

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