List of locations by index number (Generation II)

Each location in the Generation II games has its own ID used internally by the game.

In Pokémon Crystal, these index numbers are used for three purposes: the Poké Seer, the location header pop-up at the bottom of the screen, and the location displayed by the Town Map. In Gold and Silver, only the last purpose is used.

The location header pop-up only recognizes IDs 0x00-0x5F; all other values return garbage strings.

Poké Seer

Pokémon caught in Pokémon Crystal record information about their capture. This value is blank (0x00 0x00) for Pokémon obtained in games other than Pokémon Crystal. If a Pokémon is traded to a Generation I game, this data is permanently lost; however, it is retained when traded to Pokémon Gold and Silver, despite those games not recording this data.

In Pokémon Crystal, the Poké Seer in Cianwood City tells the player where their Pokémon was caught, the time at which it was caught, and the level at which it was caught. In Pokémon Stadium 2, checking a Pokémon shows where it was caught, the time at which it was caught, and the level at which it was caught. This information is not otherwise available to the player.

In the Pokémon data structure, the met location is stored using 7 bits, so only 127 locations (0x00 to 0x7F) are possible.

  • For all IDs not marked (unlabeled) in the table below, she simply says, "Hm… I see you met <Pokémon> here: <location>!"
    • Any IDs not included in the table below use the same response, but since they do not have valid strings associated with them, the location name will be garbage text.
  • IDs 0x00 and 0x7E cause the seer to say, "Whaaaat? I can't tell a thing! How could I not know of this?"
  • ID 0x7F causes the seer to say, "What!? Incredible! I don't how understand how, but it is incredible! You are special. I can't tell where you met it, but it was at level <level>. Am I good or what?"
  • IDs 0x60-0x7D are completely invalid.


# Hex Location
000 0x00 Special
001 0x01 New Bark Town
002 0x02 Route 29
003 0x03 Cherrygrove City
004 0x04 Route 30
005 0x05 Route 31
006 0x06 Violet City
007 0x07 Sprout Tower
008 0x08 Route 32
009 0x09 Ruins of Alph
010 0x0A Union Cave
011 0x0B Route 33
012 0x0C Azalea Town
013 0x0D Slowpoke Well
014 0x0E Ilex Forest
015 0x0F Route 34
016 0x10 Goldenrod City
017 0x11 Radio Tower
018 0x12 Route 35
019 0x13 National Park
020 0x14 Route 36
021 0x15 Route 37
022 0x16 Ecruteak City
023 0x17 Tin Tower
024 0x18 Burned Tower
025 0x19 Route 38
026 0x1A Route 39
027 0x1B Olivine City
028 0x1C Lighthouse
029 0x1D Battle Tower
030 0x1E Route 40
031 0x1F Whirl Islands
032 0x20 Route 41
033 0x21 Cianwood City
034 0x22 Route 42
035 0x23 Mt. Mortar
036 0x24 Mahogany Town
037 0x25 Route 43
038 0x26 Lake of Rage
039 0x27 Route 44
040 0x28 Ice Path
041 0x29 Blackthorn City
042 0x2A Dragon's Den
043 0x2B Route 45
044 0x2C Dark Cave
045 0x2D Route 46
046 0x2E Silver Cave
047 0x2F Pallet Town
048 0x30 Route 1
049 0x31 Viridian City
050 0x32 Route 2
051 0x33 Pewter City
052 0x34 Route 3
053 0x35 Mt. Moon
054 0x36 Route 4
055 0x37 Cerulean City
056 0x38 Route 24
057 0x39 Route 25
058 0x3A Route 5
059 0x3B Underground
060 0x3C Route 6
061 0x3D Vermilion City
062 0x3E Diglett's Cave
063 0x3F Route 7
064 0x40 Route 8
065 0x41 Route 9
066 0x42 Rock Tunnel
067 0x43 Route 10
068 0x44 Power Plant
069 0x45 Lavender Town
070 0x46 Lav Radio Tower
071 0x47 Celadon City
072 0x48 Saffron City
073 0x49 Route 11
074 0x4A Route 12
075 0x4B Route 13
076 0x4C Route 14
077 0x4D Route 15
078 0x4E Route 16
079 0x4F Route 17
080 0x50 Route 18
081 0x51 Fuchsia City
082 0x52 Route 19
083 0x53 Route 20
084 0x54 Seafoam Islands
085 0x55 Cinnabar Island
086 0x56 Route 21
087 0x57 Route 22
088 0x58 Victory Road
089 0x59 Route 23
090 0x5A Indigo Plateau
091 0x5B Route 26
092 0x5C Route 27
093 0x5D Tohjo Falls
094 0x5E Route 28
095 0x5F Fast Ship
126 0x7E (unlabeled)
127 0x7F Event

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