List of locations by index number (Legends: Arceus)

Each location in the Generation VIII game Pokémon Legends: Arceus has its own identification number used internally by the game. They are enumerated here, in order. Index numbers between 00156 and 30000, 30023 and 40000, 40087 and 60000, and above 60004 are filled with null data.

Pokémon transferred from Sword and Shield to Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl or Legends: Arceus will display their met location as "the Galar region". Pokémon transferred from Legends: Arceus to Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will display their met location as the "Sinnoh region of old". Pokémon transferred from Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl to Legends: Arceus will display their met location as "the Sinnoh region made new". Pokémon originally obtained in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum and transferred onward to Legends: Arceus will display their met location as "the Sinnoh region".[1]

# Hex Summary Location Overworld Location
00000 0x0000 —————— ——————
00002 0x0002 in a mystery zone Mystery Zone
00004 0x0004 in a faraway place Faraway place
00006 0x0006 in Jubilife Village Jubilife Village
00007 0x0007 in the Obsidian Fieldlands Obsidian Fieldlands
00008 0x0008 in the Crimson Mirelands Crimson Mirelands
00009 0x0009 in the Cobalt Coastlands Cobalt Coastlands
00010 0x000A in the Coronet Highlands Coronet Highlands
00011 0x000B in the Alabaster Icelands Alabaster Icelands
00012 0x000C at the Ancient Retreat Ancient Retreat
00013 0x000D on Aspiration Hill Aspiration Hill
00014 0x000E in the Horseshoe Plains Horseshoe Plains
00015 0x000F on Deertrack Path Deertrack Path
00016 0x0010 upon Deertrack Heights Deertrack Heights
00017 0x0011 at the Obsidian Falls Obsidian Falls
00018 0x0012 in Oreburrow Tunnel Oreburrow Tunnel
00019 0x0013 in Nature's Pantry Nature's Pantry
00020 0x0014 in the Heartwood The Heartwood
00021 0x0015 at Grandtree Arena Grandtree Arena
00022 0x0016 in Grueling Grove Grueling Grove
00023 0x0017 at Lake Verity Lake Verity
00024 0x0018 in Sandgem Flats Sandgem Flats
00025 0x0019 at Tidewater Dam Tidewater Dam
00026 0x001A in Floaro Gardens Floaro Gardens
00027 0x001B on Ramanas Island Ramanas Island
00028 0x001C at the Fieldlands Camp Fieldlands Camp
00029 0x001D at the Heights Camp Heights Camp
00030 0x001E on Windswept Run Windswept Run
00031 0x001F in Floaro Gardens Floaro Gardens
00032 0x0020 at the Worn Bridge Worn Bridge
00033 0x0021 at the Moss Rock Moss Rock
00034 0x0022 in the Golden Lowlands Golden Lowlands
00035 0x0023 at the Solaceon Ruins Solaceon Ruins
00036 0x0024 at Gapejaw Bog Gapejaw Bog
00037 0x0025 on Sludge Mound Sludge Mound
00038 0x0026 at the Scarlet Bog Scarlet Bog
00039 0x0027 on Bolderoll Slope Bolderoll Slope
00040 0x0028 at the Diamond Settlement Diamond Settlement
00041 0x0029 at Lake Valor Lake Valor
00042 0x002A on Cloudpool Ridge Cloudpool Ridge
00043 0x002B at the Shrouded Ruins Shrouded Ruins
00045 0x002D at the Holm of Trials Holm of Trials
00046 0x002E in the Droning Meadow Droning Meadow
00047 0x002F at the Mirelands Camp Mirelands Camp
00048 0x0030 at the Bogbound Camp Bogbound Camp
00049 0x0031 on Crossing Slope Crossing Slope
00050 0x0032 at Ginkgo Landing Ginkgo Landing
00051 0x0033 at Deadwood Haunt Deadwood Haunt
00052 0x0034 at Hideaway Bay Hideaway Bay
00053 0x0035 along Tombolo Walk Tombolo Walk
00054 0x0036 at Veilstone Cape Veilstone Cape
00055 0x0037 at Seagrass Haven Seagrass Haven
00056 0x0038 on Firespit Island Firespit Island
00057 0x0039 at Iscan's home Iscan's Home
00058 0x003A on Spring Path Spring Path
00059 0x003B at Lunker's Lair Lunker's Lair
00060 0x003C on Islespy Shore Islespy Shore
00061 0x003D in Windbreak Stand Windbreak Stand
00063 0x003F in the Tidal Passage Tidal Passage
00064 0x0040 in the Seaside Hollow Seaside Hollow
00065 0x0041 at the Beachside Camp Beachside Camp
00066 0x0042 at the Coastlands Camp Coastlands Camp
00067 0x0043 in Turnback Cave Turnback Cave
00068 0x0044 in the Lava Dome Sanctum Lava Dome Sanctum
00069 0x0045 at the Highlands Camp Highlands Camp
00070 0x0046 at the Heavenward Lookout Heavenward Lookout
00071 0x0047 in the Wayward Wood Wayward Wood
00072 0x0048 in the Ancient Quarry Ancient Quarry
00073 0x0049 on Celestica Trail Celestica Trail
00074 0x004A at the Lonely Spring Lonely Spring
00075 0x004B at the Fabled Spring Fabled Spring
00076 0x004C in Bolderoll Ravine Bolderoll Ravine
00077 0x004D at Stonetooth Rows Stonetooth Rows
00079 0x004F in the Primeval Grotto Primeval Grotto
00080 0x0050 at the Clamberclaw Cliffs Clamberclaw Cliffs
00081 0x0051 at the Celestica Ruins Celestica Ruins
00082 0x0052 at Moonview Arena Moonview Arena
00083 0x0053 at the Summit Camp Summit Camp
00084 0x0054 along Cloudcap Pass Cloudcap Pass
00085 0x0055 at the Spear Pillar Spear Pillar
00086 0x0056 in Wayward Cave Wayward Cave
00087 0x0057 at the Snowfields Camp Snowfields Camp
00088 0x0058 in Whiteout Valley Whiteout Valley
00089 0x0059 in the Crevasse Passage Crevasse Passage
00090 0x005A in the Bonechill Wastes Bonechill Wastes
00092 0x005C at Avalugg's Legacy Avalugg's Legacy
00093 0x005D on Glacier Terrace Glacier Terrace
00094 0x005E at Lake Acuity Lake Acuity
00095 0x005F at Snowpoint Temple Snowpoint Temple
00096 0x0060 in Hibernal Cave Hibernal Cave
00097 0x0061 at the Icebound Falls Icebound Falls
00098 0x0062 at the Avalanche Slopes Avalanche Slopes
00099 0x0063 along the Arena's Approach Arena's Approach
00100 0x0064 at the Pearl Settlement Pearl Settlement
00101 0x0065 at Heart's Crag Heart's Crag
00102 0x0066 in the Ice Column Chamber Ice Column Chamber
00103 0x0067 at the Icepeak Camp Icepeak Camp
00104 0x0068 in Verity Cavern Verity Cavern
00105 0x0069 in Valor Cavern Valor Cavern
00106 0x006A in Cottonsedge Prairie Cottonsedge Prairie
00107 0x006B at the Mountain Camp Mountain Camp
00108 0x006C at the Stone Portal Stone Portal
00109 0x006D at the Temple of Sinnoh Temple of Sinnoh
00110 0x006E at the Ice Rock Ice Rock
00111 0x006F in Acuity Cavern Acuity Cavern
00112 0x0070 in Icepeak Cavern Icepeak Cavern
00113 0x0071 in the Secret Hollow Secret Hollow
00114 0x0072 at Galaxy Hall Galaxy Hall
00115 0x0073 at the general store General Store
00116 0x0074 at the candy stand Candy Stand
00117 0x0075 at the craftworks Craftworks
00118 0x0076 at the Ginkgo Guild cart Ginkgo Guild Cart
00119 0x0077 at the trading post Trading Post
00120 0x0078 at the pastures Pastures
00121 0x0079 at the Clothier Clothier
00122 0x007A at the Hairdresser Hairdresser
00123 0x007B at the photography studio Photography Studio
00124 0x007C at the farm Farm
00125 0x007D at the training grounds Training Grounds
00126 0x007E at the folk shrine Folk Shrine
00127 0x007F in your quarters Your Quarters
00128 0x0080 on Castaway Shore Castaway Shore
00129 0x0081 at Sand's Reach Sand's Reach
00130 0x0082 on Sonorous Path Sonorous Path
00131 0x0083 at the Sacred Plaza Sacred Plaza
00132 0x0084 at the front gate Front Gate
00133 0x0085 at the seaside gate Seaside Gate
00134 0x0086 on Canala Avenue Canala Avenue
00135 0x0087 on Floaro Main Street Floaro Main Street
00136 0x0088 on Prelude Beach Prelude Beach
00137 0x0089 at the practice field Practice Field
00138 0x008A at an unknown location ???
00139 0x008B at Brava Arena Brava Arena
00140 0x008C at Molten Arena Molten Arena
00141 0x008D at Icepeak Arena Icepeak Arena
00142 0x008E at Snowfall Hot Spring Snowfall Hot Spring
00143 0x008F on the first floor First Floor
00144 0x0090 on the second floor Second Floor
00145 0x0091 on the third floor Third Floor
00146 0x0092 in the basement Basement
00147 0x0093 at Ursa's Ring Ursa's Ring
00148 0x0094 on the Diamond Heath Diamond Heath
00149 0x0095 on Aipom Hill Aipom Hill
00150 0x0096 at Bathers' Lagoon Bathers' Lagoon
00151 0x0097 in Tranquility Cove Tranquility Cove
00152 0x0098 Galaxy Hall Galaxy Hall
00153 0x0099 Front Gate Front Gate
00154 0x009A Farm Farm
00155 0x009B Training Grounds Training Grounds
30001 0x7531 a Link Trade
30002 0x7532 a Link Trade
30003 0x7533 the Kanto region
30004 0x7534 the Johto region
30005 0x7535 the Hoenn region
30006 0x7536 the Sinnoh region
30007 0x7537 a distant land
30008 0x7538 ——————
30009 0x7539 the Unova region
30010 0x753A the Kalos region
30011 0x753B Pokémon Link
30012 0x753C Pokémon GO
30013 0x753D the Kanto region
30014 0x753E the Hoenn region
30015 0x753F the Alola region
30016 0x7540 Poké Pelago
30017 0x7541 the Johto region
30018 0x7542 Pokémon HOME
30019 0x7543 the Kanto region
30020 0x7544 the Galar region
30021 0x7545 the Hisui region
30022 0x7546 the Sinnoh region
40001 0x9C41 a lovely place
40002 0x9C42 a faraway place
40003 0x9C43 a Pokémon movie
40005 0x9C45 a 2019 Pokémon movie
40006 0x9C46 a 2020 Pokémon movie
40007 0x9C47 a 2021 Pokémon movie
40008 0x9C48 a 2022 Pokémon movie
40009 0x9C49 a 2023 Pokémon movie
40010 0x9C4A a 2024 Pokémon movie
40011 0x9C4B the Pokémon animated show
40012 0x9C4C a Pokémon Center
40013 0x9C4D Pokémon Center Tohoku
40014 0x9C4E a WCS
40016 0x9C50 WCS 2019
40017 0x9C51 WCS 2020
40018 0x9C52 WCS 2021
40019 0x9C53 WCS 2022
40020 0x9C54 WCS 2023
40021 0x9C55 WCS 2024
40022 0x9C56 Worlds
40024 0x9C58 2019 Worlds
40025 0x9C59 2020 Worlds
40026 0x9C5A 2021 Worlds
40027 0x9C5B 2022 Worlds
40028 0x9C5C 2023 Worlds
40029 0x9C5D 2024 Worlds
40030 0x9C5E a VGE
40032 0x9C60 VGE 2019
40033 0x9C61 VGE 2020
40034 0x9C62 VGE 2021
40035 0x9C63 VGE 2022
40036 0x9C64 VGE 2023
40037 0x9C65 VGE 2024
40038 0x9C66 a Pokémon event
40039 0x9C67 a Battle Competition
40040 0x9C68 a game event
40041 0x9C69 the Pokémon Daisuki Club
40042 0x9C6A a Pokémon TV program
40043 0x9C6B a concert
40044 0x9C6C an online present
40045 0x9C6D the PGL
40047 0x9C6F a 2019 Pokémon event
40048 0x9C70 a 2020 Pokémon event
40049 0x9C71 a 2021 Pokémon event
40050 0x9C72 a 2022 Pokémon event
40051 0x9C73 a 2023 Pokémon event
40052 0x9C74 a 2024 Pokémon event
40053 0x9C75 a Pokémon event
40055 0x9C77 a 2019 Pokémon event
40056 0x9C78 a 2020 Pokémon event
40057 0x9C79 a 2021 Pokémon event
40058 0x9C7A a 2022 Pokémon event
40059 0x9C7B a 2023 Pokémon event
40060 0x9C7C a 2024 Pokémon event
40061 0x9C7D PokéPark
40063 0x9C7F PokéPark 2019
40064 0x9C80 PokéPark 2020
40065 0x9C81 PokéPark 2021
40066 0x9C82 PokéPark 2022
40067 0x9C83 PokéPark 2023
40068 0x9C84 PokéPark 2024
40069 0x9C85 an event site
40070 0x9C86 GAME FREAK
40071 0x9C87 a stadium
40072 0x9C88 a VGC event
40074 0x9C8A the VGC 2019
40075 0x9C8B the VGC 2020
40076 0x9C8C the VGC 2021
40077 0x9C8D the VGC 2022
40078 0x9C8E the VGC 2023
40079 0x9C8F the VGC 2024
40080 0x9C90 a Virtual Console game
40081 0x9C91 Pokémon GO
40082 0x9C92 Pokémon Bank
40083 0x9C93 a Pokémon shop
40084 0x9C94 a demo version
40085 0x9C95 the Poké Ball Plus
40086 0x9C96 Pokémon HOME
60001 0xEA61 a stranger
60002 0xEA62 a Nursery worker
60003 0xEA63 a treasure hunter
60004 0xEA64 an old hot-springs visitor


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