List of locations by index number (Generation I)

While Generation I lacks stored met locations unlike Generation II onward, they are still used (in both Generation I and Generation II) for Town Map purposes. For example, all four floors of buildings in Pallet Town point to one Town Map location. Each of these Town Map locations has its own reference number used internally by the game; they are enumerated here in order. (Town Map coordinates and scroll order are stored elsewhere.)

Note that Indigo Plateau and the Pokémon League are treated as separate Town Map locations, and the same applies to Route 25 and Sea Cottage. Conversely, both spans of the Underground Path are treated as a single Town Map location.

Unlike all future generations, there is no need to store a separate met location for every Pokémon the player has. As a result, the numbers for each location are significantly messier, and represent relative pointers into the game's memory rather than starting from 0 and incrementing by a fixed amount per location.

List of locations by index number

Hex Location
0x5473 Pallet Town
0x547F Viridian City
0x548D Pewter City
0x5499 Cerulean City
0x54A7 Lavender Town
0x54B5 Vermilion City
0x54C4 Celadon City
0x54D1 Fuchsia City
0x54DE Cinnabar Island
0x54EE Indigo Plateau
0x54FD Saffron City
0x550A Route 1
0x5512 Route 2
0x551A Route 3
0x5522 Route 4
0x552A Route 5
0x5532 Route 6
0x553A Route 7
0x5542 Route 8
0x554A Route 9
0x5552 Route 10
0x555B Route 11
0x5564 Route 12
0x556D Route 13
0x5576 Route 14
0x557F Route 15
0x5588 Route 16
0x5591 Route 17
0x559A Route 18
0x55A3 Sea Route 19
0x55B0 Sea Route 20
0x55BD Sea Route 21
0x55CA Route 22
0x55D3 Route 23
0x55DC Route 24
0x55E5 Route 25
0x55EE Viridian Forest
0x55FE Mt. Moon
0x5606 Rock Tunnel
0x5612 Sea Cottage
0x561E S.S. Anne
0x5627 Pokémon League
0x5633 Underground Path
0x5644 Pokémon Tower
0x564F Seafoam Islands
0x565F Victory Road
0x566C Diglett's Cave
0x567A Rocket HQ
0x5684 Silph Co.
0x568E PKMN Mansion
0x5698 Safari Zone
0x56A4 Cerulean Cave
0x56B2 Power Plant

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