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If you were looking for the the TCG type, see Darkness (TCG).
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Darkness is an overworld obstacle in several games. This usually hinders the player's progress as they can't properly see how to navigate dark places, unless the darkness is removed in the game.


In the core series

In the core series, most dark places are caves, although there some other dark places as well. In most cases (except when stated below), darkness can be removed by the field move Flash or the Secret Technique Light Up.

In Pokémon Yellow, the starter Pikachu can also very shortly remove darkness even if it does not know Flash. This happens if the player interacts with the starter Pikachu in the Rock Tunnel (the only dark place in Generation I games) shortly after it learned Thunder or Thunderbolt (either by leveling up or by TM). This interaction causes Pikachu to shock the player. If they are in the Rock Tunnel (and Flash has not been used yet, so the cave is still dark), the darkness will be shortly removed as a result of the electric shock. However, the darkness removal is part of Pikachu's interaction, so the player will still be unable to move around with the darkness removed. Once Pikachu's interaction ends and the darkness is restored, the player will be able to move normally again.

Removing darkness is never required to advance gameplay, as darkened areas are still navigable.


Area Notes Games
Cerulean Cave HGSS


Area Notes Games
Whirl Islands GSC
1F and B1F only HGSS
Mt. Mortar GS
Mt. Silver GSC


Area Notes Games
Dewford Gym The darkness cannot be removed by using Flash; instead, each time the player defeats a Gym Trainer, their field of view increases slightly. Once Brawly is defeated, the entire Gym lights up completely. RSEORAS
Granite Cave B1F and B2F only
Trick House Puzzle 3 only ORAS
Scorched Slab B1F and B2F only
Cave of Origin All floors except the entrance and B4F RS
Victory Road B1F and B2F only RSE
B1F only ORAS
Battle Pyramid The darkness cannot be removed by using Flash; instead, each time the player defeats a Trainer, their field of view increases slightly on that floor only. E


Area Notes Games
Wayward Cave 1F only DPPt


Area Notes Games
Mistralton Cave 1F and 2F only BWB2W2
Wellspring Cave B1F only
Challenger's Cave BW
Victory Road North area of 2F only B2W2
Black Tower Some rooms


Main article: Flash (move) → Zoom out

There are no dark places in X and Y. Instead, Flash can be used to zoom out the player's perspective in certain caves.


There are no dark places in Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.


There are no dark places in Sword and Shield.

In spin-off games

Mystery Dungeon series

In Red and Blue Rescue Team, the darkness cannot be removed with Flash. Darkness limits field of vision to 1-2 tiles in hallways.

Dungeon Notes Games
Sinister Woods 5-7, 11-12F; 2 tiles MDRB
Lapis Cave 1-4, 9-14F; 2 tiles MDRB
Magma Cavern 1-23F, Pit 1; 2 tiles MDRB
Uproar Forest 1-9F; 2 tiles MDRB
Howling Forest 2 tiles MDRB
Stormy Sea 21-39F, 2 tiles MDRB
Silver Trench 31-70F (2 tiles), 71-98F (1 tile) MDRB
Meteor Cave 1-5F (2 tiles), 6-19F (1 tile) MDRB
Fiery Field 1-29F; 2 tiles MDRB
Northwind Field 1-29F; 2 tiles MDRB
Mt. Faraway 14-39F; 2 tiles MDRB
Western Cave 1 tile MDRB
Buried Relic 14-19F, 21-49F and 51-63F (2 tiles), 64-98F (1 tile) MDRB
Wish Cave 25-62F (2 tiles), 63-98F (1 tile) MDRB
Murky Cave 2-19F; 2 tiles MDRB
Southern Cavern 2 tiles MDRB
Wyvern Hill 1 tile MDRB
Darknight Relic 1 tile MDRB
Grand Sea 2 tiles MDRB
Unown Relic 2 tiles MDRB
Joyous Tower 14-63F (2 tiles), 64-99F (1 tile) MDRB
Far-off Sea 14-63F (2 tiles), 64-75F (1 tile) MDRB
Purity Forest 1 tile MDRB
Oddity Cave 6-10F (2 tiles) MDRB