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Starting Out

(Japanese screenshot) Professor Juniper and her Minccino customarily introduce you to the world of Pokémon

After selecting New Game you are asked to choose your character's gender. This cannot be changed after selecting. The resident researcher of the Unova region, Professor Juniper, appears and introduces new Trainers to the Pokémon world. Her lecture is important for new players, though it's nothing new to veterans of the series. She also introduces the player's best friends, who are also their rivals, Cheren and Bianca. Once she is done talking, you are asked to enter your character's name. Your name cannot be changed, so double-check that you have typed it correctly. Press OK and you are ready for your adventure!

Nuvema Town

Nuvema Town

You find yourself with the cool-headed Cheren in your bedroom, waiting for Bianca to show up. Juniper believes that the three of you have potential as Pokémon trainers, and has delivered a purple gift box containing three rare starter Pokémon to begin each of your journeys. The two Pokémon you don't pick cannot be legitimately obtained without trading, so choose carefully. An excited Bianca arrives shortly, and the two urge you to take first pick of the Pokémon, as the box was delivered to your house.

Female player standing in their room
Grass Fire Water
  Servine   Pignite   Dewott
Grass Fire Fighting Water
  Serperior   Emboar   Samurott
Grass Fire Fighting Water

After you choose your first Pokémon, Bianca takes the one with a type disadvantage to yours, leaving the last with a type advantage to yours for Cheren. Bianca then suggests a battle. Cheren opts out, so she decides to battle you. When the battle is over, Cheren heals both Pokémon, regardless of the outcome. Bianca apologizes for the Pokémon destroying your room, then persuades Cheren to battle you.

Unlike the rest of the Trainers in the game, losing to either Bianca or Cheren will not result in a black out; the story will progress as usual regardless of the outcome of each battle.

Player's room after their first battle
  If the player chose Snivy:   If the player chose Tepig:   If the player chose Oshawott:

The Journey Begins

Your friends will then leave the room to apologize to your Mom for the mess. Your Mom then asks not to worry and should continue on your journey. Seeing that you are about to set out on a long adventure, she gives you a gift — the Xtransceiver! This gadget allows video calls with up to four people at once, a handy way for Mom and Professor Juniper to contact you and your friends.

The three of you decide to stop by the Juniper Lab to thank the professor for her gift. Bianca rushes off to tell her family of her impending adventure, and Cheren leaves for the lab. He waits outside for the two of you, but you'll need to stop by Bianca's house to pick her up. When you step inside, her dad is angry, and dead-set against her leaving. He cools off a little and she leaves for the lab.

When you all arrive, Juniper asks if you three would mind helping with her studies, researching the origins of Pokémon. She hands each of you a Pokédex, and gives you a chance to name your new Pokémon before sending you on your way. Mom is waiting outside the lab, and hands each of you a Town Map to start off your journey.

Route 1

Route 1

As you leave your hometown behind, you find Bianca and Cheren waiting for you. At Bianca's request, the three of you all take your first step onto Route 1 together. Professor Juniper is waiting here, and demonstrates how to catch a wild Patrat with her Minccino. After the tutorial, she gives you 5 Poké Balls to start you off, and heads north to Accumula Town. Bianca then suggests a Pokémon hunt; whoever has the most in their party before reaching Accumula Town wins. As you walk north, Juniper calls the three of you on the Xtransceiver asking to meet her at the nearest Pokémon Center. To win the challenge, you must catch two (three including the Pokémon you received at the start) Pokémon, but it's not necessary to continue and you don't receive any reward for winning.

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Games Location Levels Rate
Sp Su Au Wi
2-4 50%
2-4 50%
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.

Route 1 has two Normal-types, Patrat and Lillipup. Strengthwise, the Lillipup line is stronger than Patrat's; however, to win, it's advisable to capture both of them.

Item Location Games
  Poké Ball ×5 From Professor Juniper  B  W 
  Potion From the girl in the grass patch  B  W 

Accumula Town

Accumula Town
Item Location Games
  Poké Ball From a man in the northwest building  B  W 

As you enter Accumula Town, you find the professor waiting in front of the Pokémon Center. Speak to her to learn about all of the services available inside. Unlike past games, these now include the Poké Mart and GTS. Before she leaves, the professor asks you to visit Fennel, a friend of hers in the next city. Heal up your team and be sure to buy a few Potions and Poké Balls for the road ahead.

Outside, Cheren directs your attention to a crowd of people gathered in the plaza. The soundtrack changes to some creepy music, and you see a line of people dressed in what looks like medieval armor standing behind the speaker, who introduces himself as Ghetsis. He gives a radical speech on behalf of Team Plasma that advocates the liberation of Pokémon from people. The speech ends, and the group leaves. As you and Cheren discuss the event, a teenage boy with green hair approaches you, claiming that he can hear your Pokémon "speaking." He introduces himself as N, and demands a battle, which you must win in order to proceed.

When he is defeated, he will leave, still muttering about the liberation idea.

Head west to Route 2. Your adventure is just beginning!

Black and White
Route 2, Striaton City, The Dreamyard, Striaton Gym Part 2 →

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