My Latte/Bee
サトシ MyLatte
Bee! My edited swimmer image.
Age 13 (As of November last year)
Gender Female
Hometown Blackthorn City
Region Johto
Relatives Zander


Trainer class Trainer
Anime debut MyLatte's first Latte!
English voice actor Bee MyLatte
Japanese voice actor Bee MyLatte

2e1yoh2.jpg Lulz.

About Latte's

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oarlw2.jpg Would you like a 'LATTE' with that?


Hi there! I'm Bee!

I see you've come to visit my page. Well, since you took to time to, you shan't be disappointed. Hm.... I supposed I should tell you about myself. My favourite Pokémon is Typhlosion, I love it's name! ♥ I have a fetish for fire-type Pokémon for some reason, they are just so cool! I own a Pokémon game from each generation. Yellow, which I got from my 6th Christmas. Gold, (And Silver, but it's not mine, it's just at my house.) which I got for my 7th birthday or Christmas, I can't remember, Gold's also my favourite game ever. I just got Sapphire in about August last year and Diamond for my birthday in November! I think the Johto starters are the best, they are all powerful and look awesome. (Especially Typhlosion ;)) Anyway, thanks for coming to my page!

Cheers! Bee ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Rapidashing through the snow. With a horsea on our sleigh. Slowpoke and Slowbro, laughing all the way. Bellsprout starts to sing. So does magnemite, soon seaking will start to ring the jingle bells tonight! OH!




Links that lead out of Bulbapedia:


My Gallery

My second Gallery


Diamond Team

Lv. 73
Razor Fang
Lv. 100
Rose Incense
Lv. 100
Lv. 92
Lv. 43
Lv. 48
Soothe Bell

Sapphire Team


Trainer ID No. Pokédex Hall of Fame Friend Code
05014 213 seen
84 caught

2964 7043 0454


Bee's Poképack (Hehe. Zander.)

-1 Blue Gameboy Colour

-Pokémon Yellow Version

-Pokémon Gold Version

-Pokémon Silver Version

-1 Metallic Pink Nintendo DS (NOT Lite!)

-Pokémon Sapphire Version

-Pokémon Diamond Version


16th March: Today I caught my Kyogre with a Pokéball, on the first shot without hurting it or throwing any other balls at it!

21st March: My brother declared a race around Sinnoh. I lost, badly.

22nd March: I saw Kylie Minogue's 'Wow' Video clip, she was dressed like a Team Galactic Girl!


I do love the anime, the characters are so full of personality. I don't know why I like it so much. I just do.

Favourite Characters

I like most of the anime characters, but there are some that are just my all time favourites.

James/Kojirō: I LOVE this guy! He's so funny, and his voice never fails to crack me up. I like the way he always remarks about Jessie being a nut. He would be my absolute favourite character.

Ash/Satoshi: Ash is just awesome, he's so adorable and he's got such a big personality. I can't explain enough about him.

Brock/Takeshi: Brock's a hilarious character. He's so mature with Ash and his friends, but turns into someone completely different if there are pretty girls around.

Misty/Kasumi: My favourite girl. She had a such a fiery personality until she got Togepi, but still, she was a live wire. I wish they hadn't taken her out. I like the way she was older than Ash, the other girls were the same age, if not younger than him.

Dawn/Hikari: Dawn's my second favourite girl. I like her personality and appearance, she too has a big personality.

Favourite Episodes

I like most of the episodes of Pokémon, but my some of my real favourites are:

Gotta Catch Ya Later: It so emotional and sad. But the characters are sooo cute in this ep.

A Meditite Fight: Awesome episode. I don't know why I like it so much. But Battle Girl Shauna is pretty cool.

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AAML Forever!