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Joined 28 January 2008
My DS's battery is dead, sadly.


A Warning

093Haunter.png This page is DANGEROUS. Please read with caution.

Basic Info

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About me

Hello, my name is Zander (well, not really, but my username is) and I recently got Diamond and am now in love with Pokemon and all the games. I have only 3 games, Diamond, LeafGreen (which I messed up twice with AR) and Emerald. Together, me and one of my friends have all Gen III and Gen IV games (enough to Catch 'em All) and have almost all legendaries. I'm the proud owner of a DS Phat. But it doesn't work. Its battery is dead.


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Trainer Card Thing

Trainer ID No. Pokédex Hall of Fame Friend Code
Spr DP Lucas.png
26324 341 seen
233 caught
Jan. 11, 2008
1:17 PM
Infernape Mewtwo Charizard
Latios Regigigas Bibarel

3480 1658 9002

Pokemon Main Team

Lv. 100
Amulet Coin
Lv. 76
Lv. 70
Lv. 62
Exp. Share
Lv. 71
Lv. 45

Note: That's not my actual current team, but since my DS is in a better place, I can't put the new team in. Still, it's pretty bad.