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Jessie, James and Meowth of Team Rocket often attempt to steal Pokémon using trickery and disguises. Sometimes their disguises are accompanied by a fake name, usually when the wish to compete in an activity without the public knowing of their criminal status. Many of times their aliases are other people, as they attempt to impersonate them. Ash and friends almost always believe they have met a new person when they encounter the disguised rouges before finding Team Rocket out, however, a few of Team Rocket's aliases have kept them fooled and still identify with them as different people, most notably Jessilina.    


Alias First appearance Biography
Lessons in Lilycove Used during the Lilycove Pokémon Contest
Do I hear a Ralts? Jessie disguised herself as a Gardevoir who belonged to a Trainer named Lord Sir James Jamison in an attempt to steal Ralts.
The Saffron Con Jessie first disguised herself as Jessebella so that she could compete in the Saffron Pokémon Contest, however James's Cacnea, whom she planned to compete with, got tangled up in her hair, leading to Nurse Joy having to cut it off before she competed in the next episode.

Jessie used the alias again in Spontaneous Combusken! to compete in the Chrysanthemum Island Contest where, much to his dismay, she teamed up with James's Mime Jr.

May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!  As Jessadia, Jessie worked as Lilian's assistant and announcer of the Kanto Grand Festival.
Princess Powerzone
Gymbaliar!  Jessie dressed up as Princess Powerzone for the fake Gym Team Rocket was running.
Mounting a Coordinator Assault!  Throughout her time in Sinnoh, Jessie competed in Pokémon Contests with the alias, Jessalina. Unlike before, Jessie did better than she did in Hoenn and Kanto.
Camping It Up!  Jessie used the disguise throughout the Pokémon Summer Academy.
To Thine Own Pokémon Be True!  Jessie used this disguise to compete in the Pokémon Ping Pong Tournament.


Impersonated First appearance Biography
Nurse Joy
Fire and Ice While Ash and friends were looking for a Pokémon Center to heal his Pokémon during the Indigo League, Team Rocket made a fake one when they couldn't get in to any of the others. Jessie tried to pass of as Nurse Joy (while standing completely still and not saying or doing anything) but Brock was not fooled for a second.  
Jessie attempted disguising as Nurse Joy again with a similar costume and mask in Hatch Me if You Can, but once again, Brock managed to detect that it was an impostor, this time going over the details versus the real Nurse Joy and Jessie's "cheap imitation." Then she repeated the disguise once again in The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing! in an attempt to replace a real Nurse Joy as a contest judge, but of course Brock figured that "Nurse Joy" was a phony.
DJ Mary
Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up?  
A Double Dilemma  Jessie disguised herself as Caroline in North Petalburg when the whole town was obsessed about Norman.
Deceit and Assist To gain entry in the Grand Festival, Jessie disguised herself as Anthony and stole Ribbons from the real Anthony. As Anthony reported this to Officer Jenny, Ash and Max joined along and got Anthony's Ribbons back.
Officer Jenny
Like a Meowth to a Flame  


Alias First appearance Biography
Lord Sir James Jamison, Esquire
Do I Hear a Ralts?  James went by the alias, Lord Sir James Jamison, who owned a Kirlia and Gardevoir in an attempt to steal Ralts for the boss.
Dressed for Jess Success! Before the Lilypad Town Pokémon Contest, Jessie fell ill and was unable to compete. James stepped in under the guises of Jessilina and despite being nervous at first, performed well with Meowth and passed through the appeal round. However, James almost lost his cool when Dawn approached him, thinking he was her rival, and ran off when Lyra questioned Jessilina's outfit. Along with Carnivine he was able to beat the other coordinators; including Dawn, and won Jessie the Ribbon, under the name of Jessilina.


Impersonated First appearance Biography
Professor Oak
Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up?  
A Double Dilemma In North Petalburg, James was in disguise as Norman since the whole town was obsessed about him.
Eight Ain't Enough  
Nurse Joy
Like a Meowth to a Flame
Raoul Contesta
The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing!  


Alias First appearance Biography
Grin to Win! In Pacifidlog Jam, Meowth "transformed" into Sunflora as part of the appeal in the Battle Round. Unlike his other disguises, he wore the Sunflora one more than once.
Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up?  
Pop Goes The Sneasel  
A Bite to Remember In an attempt to steal Poochyena, Team Rocket tried out their machine to trick Max into thinking that his Poochyena would evolve faster. To prove their point, Meowth dressed up as a Persian.
A Bite to Remember  Meowth dressed up as Aipom to show that the machine could transform Pokémon into other Pokémon.
A Bite to Remember  Meowth's Murkrow costume was briefly seen when he dressed up as a Murkrow to trick Max into thinking that Poochyena would evolve faster with Team Rocket's machine.
Going for a Spinda Team Rocket forced Meowth into a Spinda costume in an attempt to lure the other Spinda. They tried to do so with a Teddiursa dressed up as Spinda earlier but the trio were sent flying by an Ursaring.
That's Just Swellow  
Do I hear a Ralts? When Team Rocket was planning on stealing Ralts, Meowth dressed up as a Kirlia belonging to Lord Sir James Jamison. He was found out by Ash when he scanned "Kirlia" and Meowth was on the Pokédex instead of Kirlia.
Pacifidlog Jam As part of Meowth's act of using Transform, he dressed up as a Wailord during "The Jester's" battle against Erica. Meowth accidentally popped the disguise which revealed to the audience that the act was fake and "The Jester" was disqualified.
Leave It To Brocko!  
All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go!  
Ghoul Daze!  Meowth used this disguise again in Celebrating the Hero's Comet!
The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice! When Team Rocket found out Don George was looking for an Umbreon, they painted Meowth to look like one so that he could distract them. Don George and his followers eventually caught up to Meowth, who revealed his idenity and ran off.
Crowning the Scalchop King! Meowth disguised himself as a Dewott on Hotachi Island in an attempt to compete in the Scalchop King Playoffs as the contest was only for Oshawott and Dewott. However, he was caught in the middle of the contest and got disqualified.
The Journalist from Another Region! Meowth disguised himself as a Golem to gain access to the Pokémon Sumo Tournament. He was eliminated in the first round by Rodney and his Golurk.
A Relay in the Sky! Meowth disguised himself as a Pelipper to gain access to the Pokémon Sky Relay competition. However, he was exposed by Ash's Hawlucha, which resulted in Jessie and James being disqualified from the tournament.
Racing to a Big Event! Meowth, with some help from Wobbuffet, disguised himself in this robotic Bewear nicknamed the "Turbo-Charged Robo Racer Pancake Chaser" to gain access to the Pokémon Pancake Race. However, he was exposed by a real Bewear, who inadvertently ran across the track to retrieve Team Rocket, destroying the Bewear robot which resulted in James being disqualified from the race.
Mounting an Electrifying Charge! Meowth disguised himself as a Charjabug to gain access to the Charjabug Race. However, he accidentally blew his cover when he foolishly pressed the eject button and sent him flying in front of the announcer in the air, which resulted in Jessie and James being disqualified from the race.


Alias First appearance Biography
A Double Dilemma In North Petalburg, Meowth dressed up as May since the whole town was obsessed with Norman and his family.
Mr. Sukizo
The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing!