Tetsuron Town

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Tetsuron Town
テツロンタウン Tetsuron Town
Tetsuron Town.png
Tetsuron Town
Region Unknown
Debut HZ039

(Japanese: テツロンタウン Tetsuron Town) is an anime-exclusive town, famous for selling industrial products.


Tetsuron Town appeared in HZ039, where Liko, Roy, and Dot visited it to buy a new microphone for Dot to replace the one that had just broken. Dot also bought an old-style microphone to use as a prop, but an encounter with a Tinkatink led to it taking the retro microphone and making a new hammer out of it. Tinkatink then started following Dot to show the new hammer to her.

The town reappeared in the background of HZ040. Located near the town is the house of Manya, a Pokémon Breeder who specializes in raising feline Pokémon and was also the person who originally raised Liko's Sprigatito.

Pokémon seen in Tetsuron Town


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