Shigeru (Zensho)

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シゲル Shigeru
Shigeru Zensho.png
Age 10
Gender Male
Hometown Pallet Town
Region Kanto
Relatives Professor Oak (grandfather), Daisy Oak (sister), mother and father (deceased)
Trainer class Trainer, Champion (formerly)
Game counterpart Blue
Champion of Indigo League

(Japanese: シゲル Shigeru) is the rival of Satoshi, who appeared in Pokémon Zensho and is directly based on Blue of the original games. Like Blue, Shigeru is Professor Oak's grandson. He and his sister Daisy were raised by their grandfather after their parents died in a car accident.


Shigeru began his journey at the age of 10 around the same time as Satoshi. He chose a Squirtle seeing that it would be the type-advantage of Satoshi's choice, Charmander. During their first battle, Squirtle was easily beaten by Charmander despite the type-advantage. He has another battle with him on the S. S. Anne with the results being the same as the previous battle. The battle they had causes Satoshi's Charmander to evolve into a Charmeleon.

When Satoshi reached Fuchsia City, he and Satoshi were at a Safari Zone with Satoshi catching a Ditto and a Dratini, with the latter being given away to a fisherman. Shigeru ends up battling and defeating Sabrina in Saffron City, which made Sabrina depressed. Two chapters later around the end, he has his Pidgeot attack Satoshi's Charizard while he was midair, marking his first and only win against Satoshi.

In Indigo Plateau, he ends up becoming the champion of the Pokémon League after defeating the Elite Four. He challenges Satoshi for the final time after he defeated the Elite Four too, with his Blastoise against Charizard. During the midst of their battle, one of the pillars fall down and is headed for Shigeru. Satoshi pushes Shigeru out of the way which becomes the start of their friendship. Since they are now friends instead of rivals, both of them go to the Cerulean Cave to look for the legendary Pokémon, Mewtwo.

Personality and characteristics

Like his game counterpart, he has a disdain for Satoshi but has trouble feeling empathy with his own Pokémon. He's slightly more villainous, attacking Satoshi in midair.



Squirtle → Wartortle → Blastoise
Blastoise is Shigeru's first Pokémon, obtained as a Squirtle. He chose it as it had the type-advantage against Satoshi's Charmander. In most of its appearances, it was seen battling with Charmander and lost despite having that advantage. One of those battles that took place on the S.S. Anne caused Charmander to evolve into Charmeleon. Squirtle was not seen again until Satoshi battled the champion which turned out to be his rival, Shigeru. At this point, Squirtle had already evolved into Blastoise, where it went up against Satoshi's Charizard that evolved from the Charmander earlier on.

Blastoise's only known move is Water Gun.

Debut Prologue: Pallet Town
While Satoshi was flying on his Charizard, Shigeru had Pidgeot attack Satoshi while he was midair.

None of Pidgeot's moves are known.

Debut Viridian City
Safari Zone Pokémon
Shigeru caught a Rhyhorn, Chansey, Tauros, and Doduo while he was at the Safari Zone.

None of their moves are known.

Debut Fuchsia City


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