Pokémon Battling Coin Game

A packet of Pokémon Battling coins

The Pokémon Battling Coin Game was a tabletop Pokémon game for two or more players released by Hasbro in the late 1990s. In the Pokémon Battling Coin Game, players battle their Pokémon (in the form of collectible brass coins) against the other player's. Pokémon Battling coins were sold in packs of three.

How to play

Two-player game

Each player must have an equal number of coins in their pile. Both players choose the order they would like to use their coins and put them face-down in a stack.

Each player flips over their first coin and both players spin the coins around in a circle. After this, both players stop the coins and move them towards each other. Players compare the results on the sections of the coin ridges that touch each other to determine the winner. The winning coin is reused for the next battle, the losing coin is taken out of play.

Each coin has five sections around the ridge. These ridges usually dictate a level of damage (between 10 and 80) or an auto-knockout, but can also allow a Pokémon to use a special ability or allow the player to use items.

Multi-player game

To play a multi-player game, the same rules apply as the two-player game except players must always attack the player to their left. When a coin is knocked out, play is passed clockwise to the next player.


Some Pokémon coins will have an item marked on one section of their ridge. Players may not choose the item they wish to use, rather, the item is specifically listed on a coin's ridge.

There are three types of items in the game. The Poké Ball allows a player to switch their active coin with another coin from their pile, the Potion allows a player to return a coin that has been knocked out to their pile, and the "2×" allows a player's Pokémon to deal double damage on their next turn.

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