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Deduction Time
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Shogakukan full volume Ch. 545 in Vol. 54
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Series Pokémon Adventures

Deduction Time (Japanese: VSギギアル VS Gigiaru or リーズニング・タイム Reasoning Time) is the 545th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


As Foongy wakes her up, Whitley is terrified at the sight of Musha on top of Black's head, having a freakout before White calms her down. Blake explains that Black uses Musha to organize the information in his head, pointing out that as part of the International Police's investigations, they gathered extensive information on Black. White hurriedly turns Blake down for an explanation on the data the Police have on her, and Whitley expresses relief that Blake is fine. Blake assures Whitley that Black and White share the same goal of liberating Kyurem from Team Plasma as Black reaches his epiphany. Ordering a Blue Flare from Reshiram, Black sends out Bo to smell the scent of Blue Flare and track it; Bo confirms that the scent traveled northwest. Black explains that from his visions, he saw the Plasma Frigate facing northwest when it deployed its smokescreen, and Kyurem had been previously burned by Reshiram's Blue Flare, which explains why the scent of the flare traveled in the same way. He adds that he had a vision of a forest in a chasm from Kyurem's mind when Musha ate his dreams, which had never happened before. Blake confirms that the location Black saw is the Giant Chasm, located near Lacunosa Town which is northwest from where they are. The group decides to head there as White registers everyone on their Xtransceivers to keep in contact, and sends out her Alomomola to heal everyone with Heal Pulse.

Black asks everyone to get on top of Reshiram, including a startled Whitley; she is helped on board by Cobalion, amusing Black by the fact that it's taken to her so easily. The group discusses where N has gone, and Blake suggests that N must have been captured by Team Plasma to stop his interference, prompting Whitley's determination to pursue them. As the group flies off on Reshiram while followed by the Swords of Justice below, Whitley is afraid of what might have happened to N, causing White to ask her if she's scared. White gently advises Whitley to focus on her personal dream, which Whitley explains is to have a world where Pokémon can live without fear or harm, and where humans may be permitted if they see fit. White shares that she had been living in fear for the past two years, but after taking her time and doing what she could, she eventually saw her dream come true: being able to have Black by her side again, and suggests that Whitley live to the best of her ability without the fear of not producing results. White assures Whitley that having seen how she cares for Pokémon, she believes Whitley can achieve her dream, and Whitley thanks everyone on board for their support.

At the Pokémon World Tournament construction site, Leo and Hugh's sister emerge from the Relic Passage, only to be met by Elesa. Meanwhile at Aspertia City, Hugh continues defending himself against the grunts from black Team Plasma to buy time for Rood; eventually Rood's Chandelure manages to fend the grunts off with a powerful Inferno. Rood mentions that the machine to neutralize Colress's device is kept at the white Team Plasma hideout in Driftveil City and they will need to head there next.

Leo recognizes Elesa as she asks Skyla to come down on her airplane, and the Gym Leader confirms that she was asked by Cheren to find him after Marlon and the others evacuated his classmates from the Marine Tube. Hugh's sister explains that Leo had taken her to eat Casteliacones when she heard Hugh's voice from the Castelia Sewers, surprising her from how angry he sounded. Just as Leo took her to investigate, the attack from the Plasma Frigate froze over the entire city and they had escaped it just in time. Elesa is surprised that the two made it out safely through the Pokémon-infested underground system, and Leo admits that his Deino evolved into Zweilous from the battles he had to fight. Leo's surprise at Team Plasma's involvement is interrupted as Looker arrives on the scene, fleeing from Skyla's plane as she nearly runs him over, much to her confusion. Looker admits that he had been trying to reach Blake's Pokémon, having seeing them knocked out, although he tries to deny previously knowing Leo as the two recognize each other from the Pokémon League. Skyla wonders which of the individuals present are Blake, Leo and Hugh as Leo explains the situation, but Hugh's sister is horrified at the realization that her brother has gone missing. At that moment, Leo receives a call from Hugh, who confirms that he's safe but can't get to them yet, promising his sister to return after he's collaborated with the white Team Plasma members to rescue her Purrloin.

Above Lacunosa Town, the Plasma Frigate pursues Black Kyurem, who has headed there despite the attempts of Colress and Ghetsis to control it. Colress takes offense from Ghetsis' suggestion that his device has failed to control Kyurem, and terminates the call between them. Colress wonders if the unconscious Zinzolin or N might have exerted some influence over Kyurem, admitting that he'd always been fascinated by N's ability to hear the voices of Pokémon. He spots Reshiram and the Swords of Justice in pursuit, and Ghetsis confirms that he's sent the Shadow Triad to intercept them. On the ground, the three members of the Triad release the Forces of Nature in their Therian formes to battle the Swords of Justice, and Kelden's mentors prepare to do battle as revenge for being frozen.

In the frozen White Forest, a group of Pokémon break out of the White Treehollow. Iris emerges in her Champion's outfit, remarking that she didn't expect to be frozen in while training and wouldn't have escaped if she was only trapped with "Grandpa", while adding that the cloak that "Grandpa" gave her has been muddied. Another voice asks her to be clear who she's referring to; Iris corrects herself, pointing out that she'd only broken out with help from "Grandpa Gorm", and the cloak that "Grandpa Drayden" gave her was soiled. The voice takes offense over the fact that Iris hasn't said anything good about him yet, revealing himself to be Alder. Iris teases Alder, saying that her opinion will depend on his actions, and Alder affirms his desire to settle his score from two years ago.

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  • The first part of this chapter was released on July 26, 2019. The second part was released on August 30, 2019.
  • While riding on Reshiram's back, White's speech contains the words めいっぱい meippai, 今日 kyō, and とうとう tōtō, referencing the Japanese names of the Unova Pokédex holders' game counterparts.

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PS544 : Dream World
Black 2 & White 2 arc
PS546 : Giant Chasm
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