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Zap! Zap! Zapdos!
VS サンダ
VS Thunder
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 30 in Vol. 3
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 30 in The Articuno Ambush
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 30 in Vol. 3
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Silph Co.

Zap! Zap! Zapdos! (Japanese: VS サンダ VS Thunder) is the 30th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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With Red and Blue facing off against Lt. Surge and Koga, respectively, Green is free to enter the Silph Co. building unfettered to accomplish her own objectives. However, when she enters a room on the third floor, a loud gonging sound stops her in her tracks, leaving her nervously checking her surroundings for where it could've come from. Passing through the door leading to her destination, she suddenly finds herself outside.

A voice speaks from behind her, saying that the power of Psychic-type Pokémon will force her to experience her most terrible fears. As Sabrina finishes teleporting in, Green decides to engage her in battle, sending out Blasty, Sabrina effortlessly able to dodge his attacks by using Kadabra's Teleport to stay in safety. Recognizing her opponent's control over both Teleport and Hypnosis, Green concludes that she must be a master of Psychic types. Sabrina introduces herself and brags that it was her who created the Light Screen around Saffron City. Standing by her Kadabra, she promises to treat the intruder to the wonders of the third floor, and commands a Psychic, causing Green to stumble in pain as all her Poké Balls snap off her dress and fall to the ground. Sabrina laughs and gives her credit for at least being able to fool Red and Green, as her Kadabra strikes at Blasty. Sneering at Green for immediately using her strongest Pokémon, Sabrina has Kadabra hold Blasty in a Disable before delivering a blow that shatters its shell.

Green cries out in disbelief, she walks over to another one of her Poké Balls and throws it out, revealing another Blastoise. Before Sabrina can react, Green commands out Mega Punch, immediately knocking down Kadabra. As the other Blastoise reveals itself to be Ditty, Green sends out her Horsea and releases a thick Smokescreen, telling off Sabrina for thinking she's the only one who can play tricks on people. She puts on her modified Silph Scope to allow a clear view through the smoke, and continues taunting her. Sabrina and her Kadabra are completely disoriented, unable to even ascertain where Green's voice is coming from.

Meanwhile on the first floor, Red is still suffering Lt. Surge's constant attacks, throwing him and Pika against one of the electric walls. Despite his pain, Red manages to send out Saur, knowing he needs to make a move. Before he can call out a move, Lt. Surge strikes first with Zapdos, a Thunder Shock immediately almost completely knocking out Saur. Lt. Surge taunts him as Red speaks encouragement to his Pokémon to gather the strength to fight back. Firing back a Razor Leaf, Zapdos is still left untouched. Lt. Surge figures he needs to be dealt with in a truly decisive blow, and orders Zapdos to attack with its max strength attack, Thunder.

Just before Zapdos strikes, Red orders Saur to carry out their plan. Suddenly, the loose leaves from Razor Leaf are redirected, severing the jumper cables attached to Zapdos, leaving Lt. Surge vulnerable to its electricity. Boasting that no electricity will ever make it through his insulated suit, he looks down and notices large cuts in the fabric along his body. The attack sends a crippling dose of electricity through his body, immediately knocking him to the ground, incapacitated. Red celebrates with Saur and quickly roots through Lt. Surge's pockets, producing the Thunder Badge and his electric-proof gloves. As Red leaves for the second floor, he gives Lt. Surge with a warning about what happens if you try to get by with only brute strength or raw numbers, saying that there's nothing more powerful than the bond between Trainer and Pokémon.

As he arrives at the next floor, he quickly rushes in as Koga sends in his Golbat to deliver the final blow against Blue, still helplessly pinned under Grimer.

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PS029 : Go for the Golbat
Red, Green & Blue arc
PS031 : The Art of Articuno
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