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Go for the Golbat
VS ゴルバット
VS Golbat
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 29 in Vol. 3
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 29 in The Impassable Mr. Mime
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 29 in Vol. 3
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Silph Co.

Go for the Golbat (Japanese: VS ゴルバット VS Golbat) is the 29th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Arriving at the Silph Co. building, Red is barely able catch up to Blue, who is already checking every angle for an attack. Suddenly, a trapdoor opens underneath Red, prompting Blue to try and reach out for his hand. A shuriken strikes the ground in front of him, blocking him from preventing Red's fall. Koga appears behind him, laughing, giving him credit for breaking through the barrier. Blue reacts quickly, sending out his Scyther to strike Koga with Slash, but the attack is blocked by his armor. Mocking Blue for striking before appraising his opponent, his armor is revealed to be a Grimer, and envelops Scyther, followed by Blue himself. Koga admits that last time when they met in the Pokémon Tower, he was careless enough to let Blue access his Poké Balls, but he won't make the same mistake again. As Grimer constricts around Blue, Koga mocks him, saying that a Trainer without his Pokémon is just a normal child.

Elsewhere, Red looks around the room the trapdoor lead to, wondering where in the building he could be. He bumps into an electrified wall, shocking him, before realizing that he's completely fenced in by them on all sides. He is suddenly struck by the thought that he's experienced this same kind of shock before, as a swarm of Voltorb and Electrode start attacking him. Remembering his past encounter, he knows it must be Lt. Surge, the Gym Leader and Pokémon smuggler who uses Electric Pokémon. Lt. Surge reveals himself, wearing a Magneton on each shoulder and Voltorb and Electrode on an ammo belt. He admits that the last time they met, he gave him some trouble, but he won't go easy on him this time. He feeds the belt into his weapon, and begins launching the Pokémon at Red.

Magneton striking from behind as Electrode strikes his chest, Lt. Surge laughs and brags that the room's electricity will triple the power of his Pokémon. Red asks why a Gym Leader would want to ally himself with Team Rocket, and he explains that there was no true power in it despite the intense discipline the position requires, and Team Rocket was able to give that power to him. He then goes over the technology Team Rocket's power was able to give him, a belt-fed launcher to increase the power and speed of his Electrode, as well as the two Magneton that use Sonic Booms as a defensive barrier. While Lt. Surge talks, Red sends in Pika to electrify Lt. Surge, but the attack proves futile against Lt. Surge's insulated underclothes. Two Magnemite grab Red by the arms, keeping him in place. Lt. Surge mocks him for not anticipating the unexpected when he's on the enemies turf.

Everything in the building is designed to increase their power, he says, as we're provided a look back at Koga and Blue, and tells Red that his friend no doubt has it even worse than he does. Red takes the attacks of all the Voltorb and Electrode, mystified as to how they aren't running out of power yet. Lt. Surge begins to laugh again, telling him the source of their infinite electricity is actually the Legendary Pokémon Zapdos, which they captured at the Power Plant. Now his Pokémon will be eternally powerful, and tells Red that this is a true demonstration of why he stopped being a Gym Leader.

Meanwhile, Koga is taunting Blue by showing him the suffering Red is going through on through a visual in his Golbat's mouth. Blue carefully tries to reach for his Poké Balls again, concerned for Red, but again has his movement stopped. Koga admits that it would be trivial to simply kill him now, but allows his Grimer to release a little bit of the tension so he can ask some questions. He tells Blue that he knows he's Professor Oak's grandson, and comments that even though they were able to capture him, he's been unwilling to help them, and asks how Blue thinks they might be able to change his mind. Blue stays silent, and Koga grabs his shirt, wondering if maybe his suffering would encourage a change of heart.

Blue looks back at Scyther, both nodding to each other as Scyther is able to break free of Grimer's grip, allowing him to strike Koga. Unfortunately his Ekans stops Scyther, and quickly slashes Blue's chest with Golbat's Razor Wind, seemingly delivering a final blow as he slumps over onto the ground, his thoughts on his grandfather. Koga smirks, commenting that stubbornness must run in the family, looking back on his screen to see that Red is having a similarly tough time.

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  • The English title for the chapter comes from the saying "Go for the gold!".


  • In both VIZ Media versions and the Chuang Yi version, on page 23 Blue erroneously refers to Lavender Town as "Lavender City".
  • In both VIZ Media versions and the Chuang Yi version, on page 27 multiple Electrode are referred to as "Electrodes".
  • In the VIZ Media second edition, on page 27 Red says "Pikachu... read?!" instead of "ready".

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PS030 : Zap! Zap! Zapdos!
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