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Buzz Off, Electabuzz!
VS エレブー
VS Eleboo
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 11 in Vol. 1
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VIZ Media full volume Adventure 11 in Vol. 1
Series Pokémon Adventures

Buzz Off, Electabuzz! (Japanese: VS エレブー VS Eleboo) is the 11th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Aboard the S.S. Anne, Red is still holding Poli close, surrounded by a large crowd of Electric-types, with Lt. Surge demanding to know why he's on board his ship. Red says he's there to catch whoever is stealing Pokémon from Vermilion City, making Lt. Surge and his crew of Sailors laugh at the accusation. He continues laughing and clarifies that he's not stealing, merely freeing them from their simple, menial life, and making some money on the side simply helps them continue their work.

Red prepares to fight, realizing he's come face to face with the thief he's been looking for, until Lt. Surge reminds him that he won't make any headway battling all of them with just a single Pokémon. Red starts sweating and looks back at Poli, who still hasn't recovered from the attack earlier, and realizes the situation he's in, giving Lt. Surge the opportunity to call in his "guard dog", an Electabuzz with heavy metal chains on all its limbs. Lt. Surge orders a Thunder Punch, which Red is barely able to dodge as the attack punches a hole straight through the wooden floorboards.

Red gets back into a fighting stance, attempting to intimidate his enemy, as Lt. Surge calls another attacking, saying that Electabuzz won't miss again. However, Poli had been secretly leaking water onto the floorboards, which has built up into a sizeable puddle leading all the way underneath Lt. Surge and Electabuzz. Red commands Poli to set their plan into motion, using his Ice powers to freeze the water, restricting both Lt. Surge and his Pokémon at the ankles. Red wastes no time and throws down a Poké Ball, using the smoke to escape from sight.

Elsewhere on the ship, Red gives Poli his thanks for doing a good job, reminiscing on how they would escape from bullies when they were little in the same way. Red leers around another corner, noticing a Magnemite, followed by several more, presuming they've been tasked with finding him. He sneaks underneath them and starts climbing a ladder, worrying that he might be walking into a trap. The camera pulls back, revealing that Lt. Surge has been watching him ever since he escaped on the ship's security cameras.

A Magneton attacks Red from the back, accidentally letting go of his unconscious Poliwhirl, who he's been carrying on his back. Red reaches after him, but it's too late, as Lt. Surge catches him first, backed up by his Electabuzz. He dangles Poli by his arm out over the ship's railing, and as Red tries to stop him, Lt. Surge's Magneton create an impenetrable barrier that he says is stronger than steel, rendering Red helpless as he watches Lt. Surge laugh and toss Poli out into the water.

As Red panics, Electabuzz charges up for an attack, Lt. Surge saying he'll show him what kind of punishment people get when they sneak into places they shouldn't be. Electabuzz unleashes a Thunderbolt, incapacitating Red. Lt. Surge's four Magneton lift him out over the water, and let him fall into the ocean just as he did with Poli.

As Red sinks down into the water, he recalls a similar event from his past, when his Poliwag evolved into Poliwhirl to save him from a similar fate. Lt. Surge looks at the slowly thinning ripples in the water, pleased with his actions, when Poli, revealed to have evolved into Poliwrath, jumps out of the water carrying Red, placing him down on the ship's deck before having to block Electabuzz's incoming attacks. Lt. Surge attempts to sneak away as Poli and Electabuzz begin to grapple, with Poli effortlessly overpowering the Electric-type with Seismic Toss, and following it up by executing the same move on the retreating Lt. Surge.

Later, a group of police officers are arresting the crew of the S.S. Anne. Red is happy to note that while they never managed to find Lt. Surge, all the stolen Pokémon were returned to their owners. The Chairman comes out to the docks with Pika and thanks Red profusely for his efforts. He notices that Poli has evolved into Poliwrath, and quietly wishes it had stayed a cute Poliwhirl. He shakes Red, demanding to know what happened to his Abra, when it's revealed it has since evolved into an Alakazam, and the Chairman passes out from shock. Red and Alakazam look on as members of the fan club surround the Chairman.

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  • Lt. Surge says that some violent Pokémon are unable to go into a Poké Ball, although this would later contradict Shadow Pokémon. However, he could have just meant his particular Electabuzz.
  • The evolution of Poliwhirl into Poliwrath requires a Water Stone. In the Yellow arc, it is explained that specks of the stone in the water enabled Poli to evolve here.


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