My New Friends

My New Friends
My New Friends.png
Movie 23 Insert Song
Artist Ben Dixon
Lyrics Ed Goldfarb
Composer Ed Goldfarb
Arrangement Ed Goldfarb
The Pokémon Company International single
Title Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle
Catalog no. N/A

My New Friends is a theme song for the English dub of Secrets of the Jungle. It was written, arranged and produced by Ed Goldfarb, mixed by Jeff Stuart Saltzman, with vocals by Ben Dixon, and guitars by Stan Cotey. It replaced Show Window from the Japanese version.


So much to see
New places I can show you
So cool are we
It's like I've always known you

Whatever I can do
I'm sure you can
Let's take it easy
We don't need a plan
No way!

So much to learn
I just have to watch you
Let's all take turns
And if you fall
I got'chu

Sharing adventures
That's what friends are for
Can't wait for what the future
Has in store

Ooh woah ho ho
Everyone together
I hope this day never ends
Ooh woah ho
Nothing could be better
Playing and running around
With my new
My new friends

Ooh woah ho
Nothing could be better
Having the time of my life
With my new
My new friends


  • The credits for the song mistakenly credit Kristin Naigus for winds.

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