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Mt. Deepgreen 新緑
Deep Green Mountain
Mt. Green RTDX.png
Description: A mountainous area with lush plant life and deliciously fresh air. Pokémon are happy to live in this bountiful area.
Predominant type: Ground
Capacity: 12RB
Methods to obtain: Buy for 130 Poké
Have Cubone as starter
Friend Area

Mt. GreenRTDX or Mt. DeepgreenRB (Japanese: 新緑 Deep Green Mountain) is a rescue team camp in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX. It is given to players with Cubone as a starter. Otherwise, it is available for 130 Poké from the Wigglytuff Club. It is one of many camps in the Mountain Range area, and has a capacity of twelve PokémonRB.



Mt. Green is a mountain filled with shrubs, grass, and other greenery. The center is lower leveled while the sides of the mountain are at a higher elevation.


Pokémon Location
074 Geodude Mt. Steel (5F-8F)
Buried Relic (B16F-B20F)
Wish Cave (B12F-B14F)
Southern Cavern (B1F-B6F)
075 Graveler Evolve Geodude
Magma Cavern (B5F-B10F)
Buried Relic (B74F-B76F)
Wish Cave (72F-75F)
Southern Cavern (B25F-B36F)
Joyous Tower (68F-73F)
Team Rumblerock (B3F)
076 Golem Evolve Graveler
Magma Cavern (B15F-B20F)
Mt. Faraway (10F-19F)
Buried Relic (B91F-B99F)
Wish Cave (B76F-B79F)
Southern Cavern (B40F-B50F)
Joyous Tower (74F-79F)
Team Rumblerock (B3F)
104 Cubone Starter Pokémon
Southern Cavern (B5F-B10F)
105 Marowak Evolve Cubone
207 Gligar Mt. Thunder (7F-10F)
Mt. Thunder Peak (1F-2F)
Wish Cave (B31F-B35F)
Desert Region (15F-20F)
Southern Cavern (B15F-B25F)
Joyous Tower (31F-35F)
213 Shuckle Mt. Blaze (5F-9F)
Howling Forest (7F-11F)
Oddity Cave (B6F-B9F)
216 Teddiursa Silent Chasm (B1F-B3F)
Joyous Tower (26F-30F)
217 Ursaring Evolve Teddiursa
325 Spoink Howling Forest (1F-8F)
Solar Cave (B1F-B5F)
326 Grumpig Evolve Spoink
327 Spinda Joyous Tower (5F-7F)
472 GliscorRTDX Evolve Gligar
Fainted in Dungeon
Mystery House


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