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A Pinch of This, a Pinch of That!
JN050   EP1135
Galar Fossils! Stick 'Em Together!!
First broadcast
Japan January 8, 2021
United States September 10, 2021
English themes
Opening Journey to Your Heart
Japanese themes
Opening 1・2・3
Ending ふしぎなふしぎな生きもの*
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 藤咲淳一 Jun'ichi Fujisaku
Storyboard 尼野浩正 Hiromasa Amano
Assistant director ウヱノ史博 Fumihiro Ueno
Animation director 篠原隆 Takashi Shinohara
Additional credits

A Pinch of This, a Pinch of That! (Japanese: ガラルの化石!がっちゃんこ!! Galar Fossils! Stick 'Em Together!!) is the 50th episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series, and the 1,135th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on January 8, 2021, in Canada on June 19, 2021, in South Africa on August 10, 2021, in the United Kingdom on September 2, 2021, and in the United States on September 10, 2021.

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Ash, Goh, and Chloe take a plane to Galar to search for rare fossils in the Wild Area. There, they meet two fossil researchers named Cara Liss and Bray Zenn. But when the researchers attempt to restore two Fossil Pokémon, they mix up the pieces and come up with two odd Pokémon: Dracovish and Arctozolt! Dracovish runs off with Ash in tow, but it calms down when it reaches water and is able to go swimming. When Ash returns with Dracovish, the researchers ask him and Goh if they would take care of the two Fossil Pokémon—and our heroes agree. Meanwhile, the bond between Chloe and Eevee grows stronger!


Chloe returns to the Cerise Laboratory from school just in time for her father, Professor Cerise, ask her to come with him. She joins Ash and Goh, who are receiving a call from the Curator of the Pewter Museum of Science. He has heard rumors of rare Fossils being found in Galar region's Wild Area, and is now asking them to go investigate what these Fossils are like. Chloe is hesitant to join the eager Ash and Goh on the trip, since she has school, but seeing how enthusiastic her Eevee is of the idea, she changes her mind. As the three travel to Galar by plane, Chloe arranges matters with her teacher so that she can make up for the lessons she's missing by writing a report of her trip.

The group arrives at the Wild Area, which has wild Pokémon all over the place. While playing with Pikachu, Eevee ends up accidentally running into a Boldore. Aggrevated by being hit, Boldore attacks Chloe and Eevee, but Goh uses his Cinderace to defend them and battle Boldore, before successfully catching it with a Poké Ball. Chloe thanks Goh and Cinderace for protecting her.

Ash, Goh, and Chloe eventually reach the digging site, where multiple Fossil diggers are already hard at work. As they rush ahead to join the fray, a Mudsdale suddenly uses Double Kick on a rock, sending a boulder towards Chloe, who's narrowly saved by Pikachu's Iron Tail. Goh berates Mudsdale's owner, a man introducing himself as Bray Zenn, for his reckless behavior, but the group still follows him when he offers to take them to the rare Fossils he's found. The children examine the Fossils and notice that they're all incomplete, but Bray Zenn is sure that they'll probably find the whole things eventually by just digging from here and there. Just then, they're joined by another Fossil researcher and a friend of Bray Zenn's, Cara Liss.

Working together, everyone excavates a large number of incomplete Fossils. Cara Liss is convinced that the Fossils can still be fit together in ways that defy all previous ideas, showing a simulation of the Pokémon she predicts can be revived from some of the Fossils they have: Arctovish. Bray Zenn makes his own prediction from the other sets of Fossils, predicting a fusion of them dubbed Dracozolt. Deciding to revive them right away, they put color-coded containers over the Fossils, but get confused which container contains which Fossil once they're done. Nevertheless, they bring out their Fossil restoration machines and have them suck the Fossils inside themselves for the restoration process the same way as a Poké Ball sucks in a Pokémon.

As the restoration process is due to last for four hours, they decide to spend the waiting time by cooking curry. As they begin cooking, Bray Zenn inserts the ingredients into the pot with barely any preparation, insisting that they'll just dissolve in the pot anyway. Cara Liss, meanwhile, has accidentally brought chocolate instead of curry roux. Chloe mixes some Moomoo Milk to make whipped cream for the dessert, but while she's off getting sugar, Bray Zenn comes in and takes the whipped cream to be used as a "secret ingredient" for his curry. Mixing whipped cream with curry leaves the children with wary feelings towards the end result, but when they and their Pokémon taste it, surprisingly, they find themselves enjoying it.

As everyone finish their meals, the Fossil restoration machines signal them that the restoration process is complete. Cara Liss and Bray Zenn let the restored Pokémon out of the machines, but they look different from what they had predicted. The Fossil researchers are unphased and quickly come up with new theories and names for their creations; Bray Zenn dubs his creation Arctozolt, while Cara Liss names hers Dracovish. When Ash tries to say hi to Dracovish, it tries to bite his head, and ends up chasing him around. Ash tries to stop it with Pikachu's Electroweb, but Dracovish simply bites through it and uses Water Gun, but misses and hits Arctozolt instead. Angered by this, Arctozolt starts using Powder Snow everywhere. Ash and Pikachu slip on the ice created by the attack, as does Dracovish, causing Ash and Pikachu to wind up on Dracovish's back as it runs off. Cara Liss and Bray Zenn, meanwhile, are hit and frozen by Powder Snow as well, so Goh has Cinderace create a Pyro Ball to thaw them out.

Arctozolt is still rampaging, so Goh calls out his Boldore to battle it. Meanwhile, Dracovish runs all they way to a distant pond and dives into it. Ash realizes that Dracovish just wanted to have a swim. When he asks it if they should look around, it leaps out of the pond and runs back to the digging site, where it crashes into Arctozolt just as Goh is battling it. Both Fossil Pokémon quickly recover from the collision, with Arctozolt even having calmed down now. Seeing that the Fossil Pokémon like Ash and Goh, Cara Liss and Bray Zenn suggest they should look after them, since they already got all the data from them that they need. Ash and Goh happily agree to this, and then proceed to catch Dracovish and Arctozolt, respectively.

Back at the Cerise Laboratory, Ash and Goh send information of their discoveries to the Curator, who's more than happy to learn what they've found out. Chloe, meanwhile, admits to her father that she enjoyed the trip and hopes she can do one again later, before returning home to write the report she promised to her teacher.

Major events

Ash and Goh after catching Dracovish and Arctozolt, respectively
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Dare da?


Who's That Pokémon?

Who's That Pokémon?: Boldore


The "After the story" artwork for this episode


Dub edits

  • The Japanese text depicting the Wild Area's name is edited out.

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