Get Well, Pikachu!

Get Well, Pikachu!
Get Well Pikachu.png
ISBN: 043955991X
Published: October 2003
Publisher: Scholastic logo.png
Author: Tracey West
Preceded By: Catch That Wobbuffet!
Succeeded By: Snack Attack!

Get Well, Pikachu! by Tracey West is the sixth book in the Pokémon Reader series, which is designed for beginning readers. It was published by Scholastic in October 2003 and is 32 pages in length.


This book follows the plot of the anime episode Get the Show on the Road!

The book starts with Ash noticing that something is wrong with Pikachu on the boat. As the ship lands, Ash runs to a video phone and calls Professor Birch. Professor Birch's assistant answers him, telling Ash that his Pikachu looked terrible and that Professor Birch will be there right there. Soon Professor Birch comes in his car. Professor Birch tells Ash that they need to get Pikachu to his lab right away. At the lab, Professor Birch straps Pikachu to a machine, saying that it will get rid of Pikachu's trapped electricity. However, this is unsuccessful and the machine explodes, blasting a hole in the wall. Pikachu, sick and confused, runs out of the lab. Ash runs after Pikachu. Professor Birch catches up with Ash and warns him that Pikachu has so much electricity that Pikachu could explode. Ash and Professor Birch then split up to look for Pikachu.

Professor Birch trips down a hill, landing on top of a Poochyena. Professor Birch attempts to apologize, but the Poochyena growls and snarls, and more Poochyena come. Professor Birch climbs up a tree in an attempt to evade the Poochyena, asking them not to be angry. Professor Birch sees a girl, May, on top of the hill. Professor Birch calls out and asks for help. With his bag dropped on the grass, he instructs May to take a Poké Ball and throw it. May throws a Poké Ball, and a Mudkip appears. May commands Mudkip to use Water Gun, however Mudkip instead looses the attack at May's face. Professor Birch falls from the tree and commands Mudkip to use Water Gun at the Poochyena. Mudkip does so, and the Poochyena all run away.

Ash finds Pikachu and asks that Pikachu not move. Pikachu is so sick, it does not remember who Ash is and shocks him. Professor Birch and May run up to Ash and Pikachu. Professor Birch warns Ash to get away from Pikachu because Pikachu could explode, and Pikachu wriggles out of Ash's arms. Pikachu runs away, and falls off a cliff. Ash dives after Pikachu, grabbing it in one hand and a tree branch in another. Professor Birch and May throw down a rope, and Ash tries to climb it. Pikachu, incapable of controlling his electricity, continually zaps Ash. Ash manages to carry Pikachu to the top of the cliff, and Professor Birch says that they should get Pikachu back to the lab.

With the utterance of the lines "prepare for trouble!", Ash exclaims his recognition of Team Rocket's approach in a giant red robot. Meowth exclaims that the robot will beat Pikachu at its own game, and the hand comes down and grabs Pikachu. Pikachu attempts to shock the robot, however Meowth states that Pikachu cannot hurt the robot, for it will absorb all of Pikachu's electricity. Pikachu does not give up, and generates a profuse amount of electricity. The robot cannot absorb it all and explodes, Team Rocket exclaiming that they are blasting off again.

Ash, Professor Birch, and May rush Pikachu back to the lab. Professor Birch assures that Pikachu will be fine after a good night's sleep. Ash stays with Pikachu all night, and in the morning Pikachu sits up and smiles. Ash exclaims his delight at Pikachu being all better. Outside, Ash and Pikachu see May and the little Pokémon with her. May states that it is Torchic, her first Pokémon ever, and Pikachu and Torchic run and play. Ash smiles, and says he is happy that Pikachu is all better and that he is also happy that they have made some new friends. Pikachu agrees.


It’s Shocking!!

Pikachu is sick. He has to rest. But that does not stop Team Rocket from trying to steal Pikachu! Can Pikachu’s new friends help him hide? Or will Team Rocket finally catch Pikachu?

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