Electric Shock Showdown (book)

Electric Shock Showdown
Electric shock showdown.png
ISBN: 0307201252
Published: March 2000
Publisher: Golden Books logo.png
Author: Diane Muldrow

Electric Shock Showdown is the third book in the Pokémon Adventure Series. This book is based on the events of the anime episode of the same name.


In the story, Ash, Misty, and Brock finally arrive in Vermilion City and are overjoyed to have found civilization after two weeks. Pikachu then collapses from hunger, so they decide that getting a bite to eat should be their first priority, so they head to the Pokémon Center.

As soon as they arrive to the Pokémon Center, a Rattata is wheeled in on a stretcher and Nurse Joy exclaims that it is the fifteenth Pokémon to be brought in that was defeated by Lt. Surge. Seeing the Rattata in the condition it was in made Pikachu nervous about Ash's upcoming battle with Lt. Surge. However, Ash was confident and tried to reassure Pikachu.

After a meal and some rest, Ash, Misty, and Brock headed to the Vermilion Gym for Ash's battle. A man called out for Lt. Surge, who then came into the room, towering over Ash. Lt. Surge then noticed Ash's Pikachu and made fun of them for being smaller than he was. This made Ash angry, so Lt. Surge sent out his Pokémon. A large Raichu emerged from the ball and glared down at Pikachu. Ash then scanned Raichu with his Pokédex, and while he was nervous of his opponent, tried to stay positive. Lt. Surge continues mocking Ash, telling him to evolve his Pokémon as soon as he catches them. Ash said otherwise, explaining that there's more to raising a Pokémon than evolution, but Lt. Surge argued that Pokémon perform their best when they know lots of powerful attacks.

Unable to come to a consensus, Ash and Lt. Surge start the battle. Raichu hit Pikachu with a powerful Thunder Shock, and brought him to the brink of defeat. However, Pikachu refused to give up until he had defeated Raichu. But Raichu still overpowered him, and Pikachu was unable to do much. At the window, Team Rocket was spectating Ash's battle, and upon seeing Pikachu being beaten, questioned its true value.

Pikachu was then rushed to the Pokémon Center and nursed back to health. Nurse Joy walks into the room and gives Ash a Thunder Stone, thinking it might aide Pikachu in defeating Raichu. Misty reminds Ash that Pikachu won't be able to revert to a Pikachu once it has become a Raichu, so Ash decided that Pikachu should be the one to decide.

Still watching Ash, Jessie remarks that Ash was letting Pikachu choose whether to evolve or not. As Pikachu slaps the stone from Ash's hand, Team Rocket sobs at how brave Pikachu is, how he will battle and defeat Raichu to prove that a Pikachu can be just as powerful.

Ash then promised to Pikachu that together, they would defeat Raichu. After a long rest, they return to the Gym for a rematch. Lt. Surge eagerly calls out his Raichu and the battle commences. This time, Ash took advantage of Pikachu's speed, which Raichu lacked. Lt. Surge then ordered Raichu to shut Pikachu down with a Thunder Shock, but Pikachu dodged by standing on his tail. Raichu had then run out of electricity and left itself defenseless. Pikachu then landed a final blow, knocking Raichu out.

Lt. Surge happily handed the Thunder Badge to Ash, proud to have had such an inspiring battle. Ash then picked up Pikachu and the two shared a victorious laugh, and Team Rocket decided that Pikachu was still worth stealing.



  • During Raichu and Pikachu's first battle, the book claims that "Raichu easily overpowered Pikachu with thunder punches and thunder kicks." However, no such move exists in the case of the "thunder kicks".

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