Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon (picture book)

Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon
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ISBN: 0307132676
Published: September 1999
Publisher: Golden Books logo.png
Author: Diane Muldrow

Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon is the second book in the Pokémon Adventure Series. This book is based on the events of the anime episode of the same name.


In the story, Ash, Misty, and Brock travel to Grampa Canyon and discover that a Fossil dig is underway. The friends decide to participate in hopes of finding a rare Pokémon Fossil.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket prepares to detonate some dynamite in an attempt to create a distraction and take all of the Fossils for themselves. Unluckily for them, however, Ash and his friends overhear their plans, and they decide to attempt to stop them from blowing up the canyon.

Meowth lights the fuse anyways, and despite Squirtle's best attempts to put out the flame, the dynamite is detonated anyways. Ash, Pikachu, Jessie, James, Arbok, Weezing, and Meowth fall into a deep cavern created by the explosion.

Inside the cavern, Ash and company discover four ancient Pokémon: Omanyte, Omastar, Kabuto, and Kabutops. Jessie theorizes that the explosion woke them up from a long hibernation. Before the creatures attack, however, they mysteriously run away.

In the meantime, Misty, Brock, and Squirtle are frantically searching for their lost friends. Suddenly, a pile of rocks bursts open, breaking a wild Aerodactyl free. The Aerodactyl has Ash in its grip, with Pikachu and Ash's Charmeleon hanging on to its tail. Ash's Charmeleon evolves into a Charizard so that it can chase Aerodactyl through the air. Charizard uses its Flamethrower attack on Aerodactyl, narrowly missing both it and Ash.

Misty encounters Jigglypuff and gets it to use its Sing ability. Jigglypuff sings its soothing lullaby, causing Aerodactyl to fall asleep, dropping Ash back on the ground.

Once the commotion is over, the Fossil dig resumes and Ash and friends leave the canyon with a mysterious Pokémon Egg. The story ends with the friends wondering what kind of Pokémon could be inside this Egg.

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