Pocket Monsters: The Animation

Pocket Monsters: The Animation
Pocket Monsters- The Animation volume 1 cover.png
ISBN: Multiple
Published: Vol. 1: October 1997
Vol. 2: October 1999
Publisher: Shogakukan
Author: Takeshi Shudō

(Japanese: ポケットモンスター The Animation Pocket Monsters: The Animation) is a novelization of the Pokémon anime. It was written by Takeshi Shudō, the chief writer of the original series, and illustrated by Sayuri Ichiishi, the former lead character designer. It is a Super Quest novel published by Shogakukan.

Only two volumes were published; the first volume has ISBN 4094405410 while the second volume has ISBN 4094405429. The second volume said "To be continued in Pocket Monsters: The Animation Vol. 3", but a third volume never appeared.

The books reveal a lot of information not seen in the anime, such as about Ash's father and that Ash's mother runs the restaurant "Pallet House". However, much of the information contained in the books has since become contradicted by later seasons of the anime, which leaves the books' canonical status ambiguous.


Volume 1

  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1 旅立ちは、パジャマのままで。
  • Chapter 2 しびれる出会いはピカチュウと
  • Chapter 3 旅立ちの日はオニスズメ
  • Chapter 4 ニャース・アタック
  • Chapter 5 森を抜けて
  • Chapter 6 バタフリー飛んだ!

Volume 2

  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1 ニビシティのイワーク
  • Chapter 2 ゲット・グレーバッジ
  • Chapter 3 ハナダシティの四姉妹
  • Chapter 4 クチバジムの対決

Alterations from the anime

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