The Haunted Gym

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The Haunted Gym
ISBN: 0439429889
Published: September 2002
Publisher: Scholastic logo.png
Author: Tracey West
Preceded By: Togepi Springs Into Action!
Succeeded By: Let It Snow!

The Haunted Gym by Tracey West is the third book in the Pokémon Reader series, which is designed for beginning readers. It was published by Scholastic in September 2002 and is 32 pages in length.


This book follows the plot of the anime episode A Ghost of a Chance.

The book starts with Ash and his companions arriving at a new town. Ash claims that he needs to find the Gym, as he is ready for a Pokémon battle. Brock finds the Gym on the map, and tells Ash to follow him. The group enters a dilapidated, abandoned building, and Misty questions whether it is really the Gym and that it looks really spooky.

Suddenly, fire appears in the building, burning all around the group. Ash, afraid, yells that they run. Ash and his companions run away from the flames, and Brock asks what they should do. Ash and Misty, knowing what to do, call out their Totodile and Misty's Staryu. Ash and Misty command their Pokémon to put out the fire, but despite the effort of their Pokémon, the flames would not go out. Totodile jumps directly into the flames, but is not hurt, and Misty comments that the flames are not hot. Ash concludes with his cry that they are not real, calling out Noctowl, as its abilities can see through tricks. Ash commands Noctowl to use Foresight, and a red beam comes out of Noctowl's eyes, shining on the flames. The strategy works, and Ash sees that the flames are not real, made by a group of Gastly. The Gastly attack Noctowl, and Noctowl tackles the Gastly. The Gastly vanish, but return with numerous Haunter. Misty cries out that there are Ghost Pokémon all around them. Ash calls out Pikachu, and commands it to use Thunder Shock, but before Pikachu can perform the attack, an older boy comes down the stairs and yells at them to stop.

A Gengar stands next to the boy, and the Gastly and Haunter appear afraid of the Gengar. The boy waves his hand and the Gastly and Haunter vanish into the wall. The older boy introduces himself as Morty, the Gym Leader in the town. Morty clarifies that they are in the old Gym, and only Ghost-type Pokémon live there now. While Morty talks to the group, Togepi sneaks away, and Misty exclaims for it to come back. Togepi runs through a small hole in the wall, and Pikachu follows Togepi, running into the hole as well. Misty asks how they can find them, and Morty says that Gengar and the Ghost Pokémon can help look for Togepi and Pikachu. Outside the Gym, Team Rocket looks for treasure. Team Rocket does not find treasure but Togepi, and Meowth comments that it is a real treasure. Pikachu runs up to them, but Meowth grabs Togepi. Pikachu wants to shock Team Rocket, but Meowth points out to it that it cannot do so, for it would zap Togepi as well. Pikachu does not fight back, and Team Rocket gains Pikachu along with Togepi.

A hidden Gastly sees the situation, and flies back to Morty, telling him what happened. Team Rocket runs with Togepi and Pikachu. Morty's Gengar flies up to them, tripping them with its long tongue. Ash and his companions run up to Team Rocket, and Ash exclaims that they battle him. Meowth comments that they always lose when they battle him, and that are going to run for it this time. Gengar flies after Team Rocket, and Jessie and James call on Jessie's Arbok and James's Weezing. Arbok and Weezing chase Gengar, but Gengar vanishes and uses Night Shade to set Pikachu and Togepi free. Morty commands that Gengar use Shadow Ball, and Gengar throws the Shadow Ball at Arbok and Weezing, making them fall down. The Shadow Ball becomes bigger, and rolls into Jessie, James, and Meowth. Team Rocket cries out that they are blasting off again. Ash thanks Morty, stating that he and his Ghost Pokémon saved the day. Pikachu agrees.


Scared Silly!

Pikachu and Ash are ready for a big battle. They are going to fight in a real Pokémon gym. But there are spooky noises! Is the gym haunted? Uh-oh! How will Pikachu and its friends get out?

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