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The Game Center (Japanese: ゲームセンター) is a location found in Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR! on GR Island. In the Game Center, Mark or Mint can earn coins by playing slot machines. These coins can be traded for rare Pokémon cards and a Jigglypuff coin.

When Mark or Mint visits the Game Center for the first time, Ronald appears and gives away the Bill's PC card.


Coins are the prize tokens used in the Game Center. When Mark or Mint first visits the Game Center, a woman will give them ten coins. If Mark or Mint completely runs out of coins, the woman will give them ten more. Coins cannot be removed from the Game Center - they must be deposited with an attendant at the desk on the left side of the main reception area. Upon return to the Game Center, Mark or Mint may retrieve their coins once again.


Earned coins may be exchanged for any of several different prizes. Prize exchanges are conducted with the attendant at the desk on the right side of the main reception area.

The Jigglypuff coin is a one time prize. The three booster pack package is not available until the Jigglypuff Coin is purchased. Additionally, all packs are Present Packs and feature various cards from any expansion pack outside of promotional cards.

Number of coins Prize
2000 Venusaur
2000 Mew
1000 Bill's PC
500 Jigglypuff coin
Three booster packs
200 One booster pack

Slot machine

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The main feature of the Game Center is a series of six slot machines. These slot machines, unlike those found in the core series, are automated and the reels are not stopped by the player. There are two different levels of play: the white slot machines require a wager of one coin while the gold machines require five.

The pictures on the slot reels are the six (at the time) TCG types as well as a Rainbow type; if the reels stop on three of the Rainbow icons, a special game (with sprites of Dragonite, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and a bag full of coins) is played where the player can win 100/500 coins (depending on whether the 1/5 coin machines are being played) or a present pack containing energy cards.

Coin flip

A girl in the Game Center offers a coin-flipping minigame. The game costs one coin to play. If Mark or Mint can get three or more heads in a row, they can win more coins as prize money, and if they get ten heads in a row the girl will give them a Mew Lv. 8. Any number of tails equals an automatic loss.

The prizes for winning in the game are as follows:

Streak Prize
3 20 Coins
4 40 Coins
5 100 Coins
6 200 Coins
7 500 Coins
8 1,000 Coins
9 3,000 Coins
10 Mew

Evolution machine

There is a special machine in the Game Center that will "evolve" a Pokémon card. When one of the compatible Pokémon is selected, the player will receive the evolved form of the Pokémon in the mail. This machine requires 20 coins and a Bill's PC card to operate.

The following cards can be obtained this way: Omastar, Machamp, Golem, Gengar, and Alakazam. The five cards were distributed as physical Unnumbered Promotional cards in a similar manner in Japan.

Black box

At the back of the Game Center, there is a large machine which the player can trade cards in. In many cases, if the player deposit five cards into the machine, a new card will be mailed to them. In the case of certain rare cards, the player would receive all of the rare cards back in addition to some random cards matching the card type; for instance, a player dropping either Mew or the Venusaur from the above games will often get that card back in addition to cards of the matching type. If multiple rare cards are returned, the type of the random cards is randomly selected. In such an exchange, the player may receive anywhere from 1-5 random cards in addition to the cards returned. A set of five cards that are capable of evolving will be kept by the machine and an evolution card, which is believed to be a random evolution card of that species and can include the Dark evolution type in the case of the first card in a pair of Dark evolutions, is sent to the player.

Card Dungeon

In the Card Dungeon, the player can play a series of card duels against the five Dungeon Masters. After each duel, if the player wins, there is also a wager of tokens. If the player wins this wager, the prize is double the chips wagered. A loss forfeits wagered chips. No packs are awarded in these battles; the only purpose of these battles is to build a player's coin bank.

There are five opponents in the dungeon who must be battled in order and with increasing amounts of wagers, ending with a possible 100 coin wager on Queen. The prize cards per battle also increase towards the end of the dungeon.

Dungeon Master
10 4 Test Your Luck Deck
うんだめしデッキ Test Your Luck Deck
10, 20 4 Protohistoric Deck
げんしじだいデッキ Caveman Deck
10, 30 4 Texture Tuner 7 Deck
テクスチャー7へんげデッキ Texture Tuner 7 Deck
30, 50 5 Colorless Energy Deck
むしょくエネルギーデッキ Colorless Energy Deck
50, 100 6 Powerful Pokémon Deck
きょうりょくポケモンデッキ Powerful Pokémon Deck


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