Pokémon Dome

The Pokémon Dome (Japanese: ポケモン ドーム Pokémon Dome) is an arena found exclusively in the Pokémon Trading Card Game and Pokémon Card GB 2. It is home to the Grand Masters, who must be defeated before the player can become champion.

Pokémon Trading Card Game


The entrance of the Dome is accessible to all players whether or not they have acquired all eight of the Master Medals. It is a small wide room with red carpet, a PC, and six bookcases. Four of the bookcases contain information regarding the Legendary Cards, while the other two contain information about the Grand Masters, and the eight Master Medals.

Main Hall

After the player receives eight Master Medals from the Club Masters, they are granted access to this room. The main room of the Dome is the arena, which consists of the same red carpet as the previous room, but more notably, a large blue stage with a table in the middle. This is where the player battles all four of the Grand Masters, one after the other. After they have all been defeated, Ronald appears to challenge the player.

Hall of Honor

After the player defeats all of the Grand Masters and Ronald, the player is given access to the Hall of Honor, containing the Legendary Cards. The room is moderately sized and contains a floor with a golden finish. In the middle of the room is a device which protects the Legendary Cards. The player gets one of each card the first time they arrive here, but only one chosen at random the next time they defeat the Grand Masters. After receiving the Legendary Cards, the player's deck gets entered into a computer and saved, similar to the Pokémon core series and their Hall of Fame. The player also gets access to the Legendary Auto Deck Machine.

Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR!

Pokémon Dome Lobby and Main Hall are accessible from the beginning of the game, but none of the Grand Masters are present. In the Lobby, four of the bookcases contain information regarding the Legendary Cards, while the other two contain information about the Grand Masters, and the twenty four Coins. GR5 appears in the Main Hall to prevent the player from entering the final door on the other side of the room.

After the player has earned the access to the GR Island, GR5 leaves the Pokémon Dome, but the Grand Masters' Arena is still inaccessable.

After freeing each Grand Master, they sit in the Main Hall and challenge the player in a duel. When all of them are reunited, the first Grand Master Cup is held: the player battles all four of the Grand Masters in the Grand Masters' Arena, one after the other. After they have all been defeated, Rod gives the player a copy of Legendary Cards. The Grand Master Cup can be repeated until the player has defeated Biruritchi and Rod rewards the player with a copy of the Legendary Cards each time.

After King Biruritchi was defeated, the Grand Master Cup is not repeatable anymore as described above. Instead it is unlocked only if the player wins ten Link duels. After a Grand Master Cup has been completed, a new one unlocks only after another ten Link duels. If the player manages to defeat the four Grand Masters and Ronald, four random Promotion Card are shown, and the player are allowed to keep two of them. Any Promotion Card in the game is a possible reward except for Bill's PC which is only obtainable from the Game Center.


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In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese ポケモン ドーム Pokémon Dome
  French Dome Pokémon
  German Pokémon-Dome
  Italian Mole Pokémon
  Spanish Panteón Pokémon

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