Mason Laboratory

Dr. Mason's Lab (left)
Deck machine room (right)

The Mason Laboratory (Japanese: オーヤマ研究所 Ōyama Institute) or Mason Lab[1] is a location in TCG Island, in the games Pokémon Trading Card Game and Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!.

Pokémon Trading Card Game

In Pokémon Trading Card Game, the player Mark goes to the Mason Laboratory automatically at the start of the game. After beating Sam's introduction battle, Dr. Mason gives him a choice of three decks to start off with. They are the Charmander & Friends Deck, Squirtle & Friends Deck, and Bulbasaur & Friends Deck. He also gives the player 30 additional cards, which are decided by which deck the player picked.

After getting the Starter Deck, the player can get Energy cards by beating either Tech Sam (in a normal duel) or Aaron. If the player has less than 10 energy cards outside his decks, the Tech at the northeast corner of the first room gives him 60 Basic Energy cards, specifically 10 of each type.

At the start of the game, there is one available Auto Deck Machine, which can be used to build some predefined decks, and the Deck Save Machine, which can be used to save customized decks for later use. Additional Auto Deck Machines from each Club can be unlocked to copy the decks of any Club Member or Club Master, provided the player has the necessary Medal from the respective Club. The player must have all the necessary cards to build a deck in any Auto Deck machine.

After the player beats the beats the game, Dr. Mason builds a Challenge Machine for card duels.

Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!

In Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!, the player Mark or Mint once again goes to the Mason Laboratory automatically at the start of the game. This time, Dr. Mason gives the Starter Deck to the player.

Like in the previous game, Dr. Mason builds a Challenge Machine for card duels after the player beats the game.

Starter Decks

These are three starter decks in Pokémon Trading Card Game, all of which feature the Kanto starters.


Deck Name User
Practice Deck Sam
Fire & Lightning Deck Aaron
Water & Fighting Deck Aaron
Grass & Psychic Deck Aaron


Game Left Room Center Room Right Room

In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese オーヤマ研究所 Ōyama Institute
  French Laboratoire Dr Mason
  German Masons Labor
  Italian Laboratorio Mason
  Spanish Laboratorio de Mayo

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  1. Pokémon Trading Card Game instruction booklet
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