GR Water Fort

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The GR Water Fort (Japanese: 水のGR団のトリデ Team GR Water Fort) is a location found in Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR!. Every TCG player in GR Water Fort focuses on Water Pokémon cards.

Grand Master Jack is imprisoned in the second room of GR Water Fort, but Senta frees him after being defeated by the player. Other members of GR Water Fort include Miyajima, Aira, and Kanoko, the Fort Leader. If the player defeats Kanoko, they are awarded with the GR Water Coin.

Members and Decks

Name TCG GB2 Deck Rules/Restrictions
    Leader Kanoko Water Stream Deck Mirage Place (Japanese: にげみずの Place of Bitter Water)
The retreat cost of all   Pokémon is decreased by one.
  Miyajima Whirlpool Shower Deck   Energy Cards only.
  Senta Paralyzed! Paralyzed! Deck The player's deck must have four Magikarp.
  Aira Bench Call Deck Small Bench (Japanese: せまいベンチ Narrow Bench)
No more than three Benched Pokémon are allowed
at any time on either side.


Game Lounge Lobby Miyajima' Room Senta's Room Aira's Room Kanoko's Room
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