Psychic Club

Psychic Club Emblem

The Psychic Club (Japanese: エスパークラブ Esper Club) is a group of Trainers who use Psychic-type Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It is led by Murray.

In the games

Pokémon Trading Card Game

The player can't duel Murray until the player has four Master Medals. Players who are able to beat Murray will receive the Psychic Medal and two booster packs.

Once Murray is defeated, Pappy in the west room gives the player a Mewtwo card.

Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR!

The Psychic Club is the only club whose Main Hall cannot be entered at the beginning of the game. It's being blocked by Stephanie, who urges the player to go to the Lightning Club first. Once the player scares GR4 away from the Lightning Club to here, the player may enter the north room, where GR4 is found. Grand Master Murray and the three Club Members (Stephanie, Robert, and Daniel) are under mind control. Robert and Daniel are unavailable for duels at this point. Stephanie is available for repeated duels, but she doesn't give any prize and defeating her is not required to continue the story.

The player may battle Murray only once at this point. If the player talks to Murray but answers "No" when asked to duel, Murray will repeatedly insist for a duel; if the player answers "No" four times, Murray will stop asking until the player talks to him again. When the player defeats Murray, he is freed from the mind control.

Murray does not give any booster packs at this point, but he awards the player the Alakazam Coin, at which point GR4 demands a battle. Once GR4 is defeated, she gives the player a piece of the GR Coin and leaves the Club. Once the player leaves the Club and comes back, both Murray and Stephanie remain to battle on request, awarding booster packs when defeated as usual. The other Club Members, though present, are still missing their cards at this point and cannot battle.

A Student in the Lounge trades a promotional Kangaskhan with the player for an Alakazam.


Club Master

Icon Name GB1 Deck TCG GB2 Deck
    Murray Strange Psyshock Deck Handed Over GR Deck
Psychic Elite Deck

Club Members

Icon Name GB1 Deck TCG GB2 Deck
  Robert Ghost Deck Phantom Deck
  Stephanie Strange Power Deck Psychokinesis Deck
  Daniel Naptime Deck Puppet Master Deck


Game Lounge Lobby Main Hall
TCG GB1      
TCG GB2      

In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese エスパークラブ Esper Club
  French Cercle Psy
  German Psychoclub
  Italian Club Psico
  Spanish Club Psíquico

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