GR Psychic Stronghold

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The GR Psychic Stronghold (Japanese: 超のGR団のようさい Super GR Teams) is a location found in Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!. Every TCG player in GR Psychic Stronghold focuses on Psychic Pokémon cards.

Grand Master Rod is imprisoned in the top room of GR Psychic Stronghold, but Fort Leader Mami frees him after being defeated by the player. Other members of GR Psychic Stronghold include Kevin, Miwa, Yōsuke and Ryōko. If the player defeats Mami, they are awarded with the GR Psychic Coin.

Members and Decks

Name TCG2 Deck Rules/Restrictions
    Fort Leader Mami Spirited Away Deck Energy Return (Japanese: エネルギーリターン)
Discarded Energy cards are returned to the player's hand.
  Kevin Superdestructive Power Deck Lower Resistance (Japanese: 抵抗力ていか)
Resistance to   is -10 instead of -30.
  Miwa (a.k.a GR4) Direct Hit Deck   Energy Cards only.
  Yōsuke Bad Dream Deck The player's deck must have at least six Gastly and Haunter.
(Dark Haunter cards do not count)
  Ryōko Pokémon Power Deck The player's deck cannot have any Trainer Cards.


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