Dungeon Master

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Dungeon Master (Japanese: ダンジョンマスター Dungeon Master) is the ranking given to the five duelists from the Game Center's Card Dungeon in Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR!.

Dungeon Master
TCG2 Pawn.png Pawn
Test Your Luck Deck
うんだめしデッキ Test Your Luck Deck
TCG2 Knight.png Knight
Protohistoric Deck
げんしじだいデッキ Caveman Deck
TCG2 Bishop.png Bishop
Texture Tuner 7 Deck
テクスチャー7へんげデッキ Texture Tuner 7 Deck
TCG2 Rook.png Rook
Colorless Energy Deck
むしょくエネルギーデッキ Colorless Energy Deck
TCG2 Queen.png Queen
Powerful Pokémon Deck
きょうりょくポケモンデッキ Powerful Pokémon Deck

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