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Energy Darkness
Darkness Energy
悪エネルギー Evil Energy
Darkness Energy
Classification Basic Energy card
Provides Darkness
Additional effect No

Darkness Energy (Japanese: 悪エネルギー Evil Energy) is a Basic Energy card which provides one Darkness Energy (Darkness). This can be attached to Pokémon cards and used to power moves with Darkness or Colorless Energy requirements.

It was first released in Diamond & Pearl, as Darkness-type Pokémon were becoming more prevalent in the TCG by this point, much like their counterparts in the games. This was to counter the fact that both the old Darkness Energy and the old Metal Energy, originally released in Neo Genesis, were classified as Special Energy cards, meaning only four of them were allowed in a legal deck. Combined with their rarity, many players had to go to great lengths to mix in a few Darkness-types into their deck. With the release of the Basic Energy version of Darkness Energy, an unlimited number is now allowed in a deck, although there is no longer a specific advantage to using this version, unlike with the Special Energy counterpart.



  • Due to this card first being released after Basic Energy cards stopped listing illustrator credits in the Expedition Base Set, no known print of this card has a known illustrator. However, the artwork on the Special variation of this card is changed to that of artist Takumi Akabane, while this, the Basic version, retains the artwork by Milky Isobe from Neo Genesis.
  • The background for the HeartGold & SoulSilver variant has an outline of Umbreon.


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