ビット Bit
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Casey's Cinderace
Debuts in Wow!! That's One Big Pokémon
Caught at Unknown
Evolves in Splish Splash!! Gigantamax Battle
Gender Male
Ability Blaze
Nature Brave
Current location With Casey
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This Pokémon spent 9 chapters as Scorbunny and 26 chapters as Raboot.

(Japanese: ビット Bit) is a Cinderace that Casey Shield owns in Pokémon Adventures and her sixth Pokémon overall. He is level 35.


Bit and Casey

Bit debuted in Wow!! That's One Big Pokémon as a Scorbunny. He was first seen watching Henry do maintenance on Lancelot's leek. Later that day, he was used in a mock Max Raid Battle to help teach Marvin about battling.

In Chomp!! Defeat Drednaw, Professor Magnolia accidentally ran over a group of Drednaw, angering them. Scorbunny helped fend off the Bite Pokémon, using his speed to dodge their attacks and giving one a burn. The weakened Drednaw tripped over its ally, causing it to crash into Scorbunny, resulting in a double knockout.

In Zap!! A Rising Beam of Light, a pair of Team Yell Grunts tried to destroy the uniforms Casey and Henry received for the Gym Challenge. Henry and Casey knocked the Grunts into a nearby Pokémon Den, forcing them to work together in a Max Raid Battle with a wild Gurdurr. Scorbunny used his flames to heat Gurdurr's steel beam, leaving it too hot to hold. Lancelot defeated the defenseless Gurdurr, allowing Henry to catch it.

In Blinding!! The End of the Battle, Scorbunny was used in Casey's Gym battle against Milo, where he emerged victorious after a close match.

In Splish Splash!! Gigantamax Battle, Casey was revealed to have won her second Gym battle against Nessa. Due to Scorbunny evolving into Raboot and Nessa's Toxapex and Drednaw being worn out from their earlier battle with Henry, Raboot was able to win despite the large disadvantage.

Bit attacking Sordward and Shielbert's Pokémon

In Gulp Gulp!! Pokémon, Casey was approached by Hop, who reported he may have found Casey's missing Arrokuda, Kilo. They rushed to find Kilo, only to find him being swallowed by a wild Cramorant. With help from Hop's Snorlax and Pincurchin, Casey and Raboot freed Kilo and reunited him with his Trainer.

In Shocking!! Reunion in the Forest, Raboot was one of the three Pokémon Casey brought to use in her Gym battle against Allister, where he ended up being defeated.

In Chomp!! It's Dracovish, Raboot was used in Casey's Gym battle against Opal, where he ended up being defeated.

In Crunch!! Snowy Battle, Casey mistakenly believed Gordie was attacking Henry and Marvin and rushed to defend them. She had Raboot, Twiggy, and Sniffler use a combination attack to defeat Gordie's Stonjourner. They apologized afterward after realizing that Gordie meant no harm.

In Unbending!! Meet the Celebrities, the group was attacked by Sordward and Shielbert, the thieves who stole Casey's Pokémon. Raboot attacked Sordward's Golisopod and Shielbert's Bronzong with a Flame Charge, destroying the communication devices attached to them. This allowed the group to discover where the brothers were hiding.

In PASS31, Casey decided that with her team fully reunited, she would give Raboot the nickname Bit. He was then used to battle Klara's Venipede, easily defeating it with a single Flame Charge.

In PASS34, while Henry was training Kubfu, it got overwhelmed by a group of wild Skwovet and Greedent. Bit, alongside Twiggy and Sniffler, protected it from the Greedy Pokémon. All three evolved during the fight.

In PASS41, Bit was given Max Soup and gained the ability to Gigantamax. He was soon after Gigantamaxed to battle a Gigantamaxed Kingler, Orbeetle, and Sandaconda that were protecting Eternatus. With the help of Twiggy, Sniffler, and Bede's Hatterene, they were able to distract them long enough for Zacian and Zamazenta to attack the Gigantic Pokémon directly.

Personality and characteristics

As a Scorbunny, Bit was generally seen smiling and upbeat. After evolving, he retained his friendliness, though became reserved in his expressions. He tends to get more serious during battles, often lighting the pads of his feet on fire as a Scorbunny. Bit is able to sense when his friends are in trouble, shown when he ran off to help Sniffler during its fight.


See also: Gigantamax

As a Scorbunny As a Raboot As a Gigantamax Cinderace

Moves used

Using Heat Wave as a Raboot
Move First Used In
Ember Crackle!! Practice Battle
Double Kick Gulp Gulp!! Pokémon
Heat Wave Crunch!! Snowy Battle
Flame Charge Unbending!! Meet the Celebrities
Pyro Ball  PASS34
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

G-Max Moves used

Using G-Max Fireball
Move First Used In
G-Max Fireball PASS42*
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • Bit is Casey's only Pokémon not to be named after a metric prefix.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ビット Bit From bit and rabbit
French Octet From octet

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