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Nebula here! While I don't technically have any affiliation with any Pokémon site, I am most often found at Serebii and Bulbagarden, as well as a handful of non-Pokémon sites.

I happily battle at any tier and have no preferences as to which Pokémon I use, but seem to find myself using Fire, Ground and/or Dark types most often. If you ask really nicely, I might give you my friend code. Don't expect much of a challenge though. Recently, I have been working on a Rain Dance-centric team, with Pokémon named after Advance Wars characters. If you wish to spoil it for yourself, here's my main team:

Roserade (Larissa)
Lv. 100
Damp Rock
Starmie (Sturm)
Lv. 100
Choice Specs
Kabutops (Drake)
Lv. 100
Choice Band
Phione (Sigismundo)
Lv. 100
Ambipom (Lash)
Lv. 100
Silk Scarf
Lucario (Lin)
Lv. 100
Life Orb

Speaking of Advance Wars, I am a Site Staff member of fansite Wars Central (we do not talk about Shade), and write webpages for the site. So far, I have completed character guides for the four GBA/DS installments in the series. I am currently working on character name guides for the games.

I am a specialist in Generation II and III, with some knowledge about Generations I and IV.

I am also an avid RPer. Feel free to ask about it if you want to find out more.